Why are Americans so obsessed with taking supplements and where are we going with this topic?

Studies have repeatedly proven that food is better than supplements and that in many cases supplements can actually be harmful. So WHY the obsession?

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  1. ☮Jen D☮ says:

    People have been trained by the pharmaceutical industry to trust pills. Food is viewed as less powerful.

  2. There can be only one answer:

    Expense urine is in vogue…

  3. For one reason or another, some work.

  4. Supplements are easier to take, and often cheaper, than buying the foods that contain the supplements. I would be eating all day long, and with my lifestyle, it would be difficult to cook or obtain the foods necessary.

    Some is better than none!

  5. When a person is highly confident in the medicinal system he has at his disposal, he neglects his body because he is confident that his medicine system will take care of it in need. But when the medicinal system becomes visibly a potential danger for his health and when that realisations dawns on him, he looks back and there he see the sign board "prevention is better than cure" something he had lost in his primary school books. He relearns and starts taking care of his body.

    Then he sees an urgency, so he looks at the food he has been eating and something else he find as suppliments which claims to contain all he wants in one small pill, well advertised by those who want to sell. He gets into the same trap in which the farmer with a hen laying golden eggs thought he could get all the golden eggs in one go if he kills his hen rather than getting one golden egg each day. He eats suppliments. He neglects his daily egg giving hen that is his daily nutricious food.

    That thought process of the common man is well understood by those who want to sell. Selling is their job and they will and should exploit which they do, and no blames on them. Ultimately when the individual understands that normal food nutritious food, with little good exercise and fresh air and sunlight and some amount of cleanliness, and a time for everything, is all that is required for a good sleep and a healthy body learns it too late where neither medicine nor foods nor supplements can save him.

    That is where that individual identified in other individuals as "we" is going "towards". I say this generally and not in particular reference to any country or any industry or any medicines or medicinal systems. Education system incorporating wisdom and not knowledge is fundamental in changing this world order.

  6. Why are Americans so obsessed with taking prescription and OTC drugs?

  7. Earth Angel says:

    Contact the American Academy of Anti Aging if you really want to know this answer.
    Supplements are very important for optimum health.
    The food most people eat today has been sitting on the shelf and in transport for so long it is devoid of nutrients. It is essentially dead.
    Meats are full of growth hormones and antibiotics.
    Unless you have your own organic farm and eat the food within hours of harvesting it you are not getting what you need.
    I guarantee if had a thorough blood panel run on yourself and had it analyzed you would find your chemistry levels would be deficient in many of the necessary elements for good health.
    Most people's vitamin D levels, for example are far too low.
    This all involves something called metabolic endocrinology.
    People take supplements to stay healthy and to ward off the markers of aging too soon.
    Believe me when I tell you the research has been done and supplements are quite beneficial.
    It is however a personal choice.
    You are either an active participant in the wellness industry or an unwilling participant in the sickness industry.
    And you most assuredly are what you eat.

  8. rickyoutfield says:

    Exactly how can you eat enough food to make up when you have a deficiency??? You need a whole food concentrated supplement.

    Most food is denatured, processed and devaluated anyway. Popeye ate a can of spinach in the 40s, today he'd have to eat 50 cans of spinach to get the same nutrients.

  9. the_beave says:

    I guess I haven't seen these "studies." I've never taken any kind of supplement. I take vitamins if I get sick, but that's about it.
    I don't personally know anyone who regularly takes any kind of supplements, so I really don't see why we would be considered obsessive about them.

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