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  1. jbizzled78 says:

    I posted a video of steroidsR4losers also known as:


    It has pictures of him and what he looks like.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  2. HornetUK1 says:

    lee haney the great

  3. pats14fann01 says:

    Already do. Have it as a playlist. He is the one that help me get started on buliding my body the way it should be done. Pyramid principle, use caution with dangerous exercises, stimulate not ahnnilate, and mind and muscle must become one!!!! At 40 I like what I do and I plan (and hope) to continue it for another 40 years.

  4. chizzy555 says:

    no deadlifts in his routine, most important exercise

  5. GreasyGuerilla says:

    this is why you fail

  6. these vids are brilliant, those with negative comments are those frustrated that they still have puny muscles despite trying their pathetic best

  7. opethdrums says:

    so cheezy and old. im sure there is a better routine out by now

  8. steroidsR4losers says:

  9. kayrad253 says:

    A legend and a great teacher of the sport!! plus he’s 8x Mr. O….

  10. great videos, dumbass comments.

  11. PPootieroy says:

    Don’t forget about the Juice Lee needed to complete his training!! Very Important!

  12. viper2k77 says:

    top vid, some usefull advice… watched all 8 straight 🙂

  13. Just watched all 8 ! , very constructive advice here , useful knowledge from mr.haney , thx for posting

  14. AmitG1984 says:

    5 stars from me!

  15. Alpessinhauer says:

    you’re a credit to humanity for posting these lee haney videos!!! thanks a lot. Really. Appreciate the effort.

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