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  1. moneyboi50 says:

    lol 0.33

  2. Don’t believe everything you read…

    I have very over worked back muscles due to very weak core muscles. The lying leg raise is fantastic for this as many of the other exercises prescribed by physio strain my back before doing any good.

    Its better to remain open minded than to whine and pick holes. They not taught you that yet at Uni? Perhaps a few mature students to give lessons in respecting your elders…

  3. The lying leg raise is the best exercise I have done to gain core muscle strength without compromising my back. Excellent video..shame about the free workouts not actually being available yet

  4. nupli1990 says:


  5. MichaelERutherford says:

    The first lunges were barely lunges…

    And his squats aren’t squats… his knees are in front of his toes. I’ve been doing bodyweight exercise for 2 weeks and I have better form than him! Argh!

  6. MichaelERutherford says:

    Lmao yeah.

  7. ahahaha! is this guy out from space?

  8. PERUANO31 says:

    this mf looks like a giraffe

  9. holy crap his neck is huuge

  10. the only advice i’d take from this guy is how not to look when giving advice.

  11. linkthemain says:

    lmao that guys neck is fucking huge!!!!!!!

  12. fix that lordosis

  13. MoonMajic1 says:

    The website is bogus

  14. Ske0the0realest says:

    that guy is skinny

  15. and breast bigger than pamela anderson!

  16. lookn0ver says:

    excellent rendering mate.

  17. Sm0KeNHaZe says:

    holy shit that guy a big neck

  18. pleasepoop61 says:

    not really

  19. Paitro202 says:

    hey stupid, the lying leg raise is how you weaken the muslces in your lower back

  20. deoxysking says:

    dependz how determined you are

  21. cool

  22. FLAMESPARTAN363 says:

    So how long do i have to do this until i finally start to devolepe them?

  23. this is good, i just want some shap eto my body i dont want to b a big muscle head either but i just want sme shape to my body so im not a little twig!

  24. MidasElfDalmatian says:

    Finally! Now, I can exercise my abs!

  25. You must be doing running as i can see from you shape

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