I would like to take Mineral Supplements for good health. Is there any miracle mineral supplement?

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  1. lol, wouldn't that be just beaut? Evening primrose oil seems to be my favourite.

  2. If there was, it would have been all over the news. The FDA doesn't have any say over what the dietary suppliments claim, therefore they can make whatever outlandish claims they want. As far as supplimenting your diet, it would depend on what you are lacking. There are thousands of different types. Sorry, but if I knew what it was you were hoping to accomplish by taking them, I could help. For example, vitamin A is very helpful for clear skin.

  3. tainiponi1 says:

    There are no miracle supplements out there. Your best bet to take mineral supplements is to go to your local health food store. They have a lot of different items, and the employee will discuss with you what you want and advise you on what to take.

  4. motherx5tjmsa says:

    The best Mineral supplement is Liquid Plus. It has vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and enzymes

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  5. Jasmine S says:

    Yes there is actually Usana Health Sciences. There the best on the market!

  6. u might wanna try Transfer Factor not only it will keep you in good health also boost up your immune system to protect you from diseases or virus attack… http://www.4life.com

  7. Minerals are the single most important nutrient needed by our body to ward of diseases, protect our body cells, and stay young and live disease free for a very long time. Dr. Linus Pauling once said "You can trace every sickness, every ’disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency" Dr.Pauling was the only scientist to win Nobel Prize twice unshared. Our body cells needs minerals more than anything else if we have to arrest the natural degeneration process and stay young for a very long time. Minerals act as the catalysts for metabolic reactions and biological functions within the body and are required for the assimilation of all vitamins. Without minerals, the vitamins are not of any use.

    Minerals protect our cells from decay, degeneration and death. It is found by scientists that the average human life cycle can easily reach 150 years if infectious diseases or cell degeneration can be prevented. Most infectious diseases are now preventable. Minerals and Vitamins are the ones that prevent cell degeneration and decay.

    Most of us are in fact aware of it and are taking large number of vitamin and mineral supplements. But still we don’t seem to get much benefit. The main reason is whatever be the amount of minerals we consume they do not reach within the cells. It is because starting from the peak age of 21 years the cell walls become increasingly thicker and minerals are not able to penetrate the cell walls and have real benefit. Unless the minerals reach inside the cell walls it is of no use and cells will continue to decay and degenerate.

    In this context a mineral acid known as Fulvic acid seems to be of benefit. Fulvic acid is found in plants and helps in transmitting minerals and nutrients to various parts of the plant from the soil. Fulvic acid has the capability to dilate the cell walls and transmit the minerals deep inside the cells.

    So while there is no such thing as miracle mineral supplement any mineral supplement can do miracles if they actually reach inside of the body cells and are allowed to do their normal job.

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