Can you take whey and get stronger without build lots of muscle mass?

Can you take whey protein and get stronger faster and more fit without gaining muscle mass. Or at least alot. I am a sprinter and a runner and don’t want to get big to lose speed. But I want to get stronger and fitter. How would I take the protein to accomplish this. I will be doing alot of running along with the weight exercises. And when do I take the protein. Before or after workouts?

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  1. Whey protein simply helps you with muscle recovery so if you are not stimulating your muscles to grow through hypertrophy specific weight training then you are not going to see a massive difference in results. However it will definitely help you recover faster and gives you that extra bit of protein in your diet to build strength. Protein is best taken swithin 30 minutes of finishing your workout as this is the time where your body absorbs it most effectively. However you can have a shake at any time during the day to boost your total calories from protein if you feel you are not getting enough already.

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  3. Before you work out. Whey As you prolly know, is a protein supp. as long as you follow the directions on the package, and carefully monitor your progress, u shouldnt have anything to worry about. You WILL have to increase your workout or it will turn to fat

  4. Always pre and post workout! Increase your workout load or the protein will be wasted! Good luck and focus on your nutrition.

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