Hungry? Hunger Control, Cravings, Weight Loss, Nutrition

Be My Friend – Hunger Control, Cravings, Weight Loss, Nutrition Hungry? Hunger Control, Cravings, Weight Loss, Nutrition Nutrition by Natalie Why are so damn hungry all the time? How to control hunger. Lose weight the healthy way. The truth about cravings? Please visit Natalie’s website at Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http This video was produced by Psychetruth www.livevideo.compsychetruth © Copyright 2008 Zoe …

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  1. Youmakemefart says:

    I’m hungry….

    I wanna eat…. HER!

  2. she looks like punky brewster

  3. thank you so much

  4. markrrsantos1 says:


  5. dontclickmeplz says:

    dont click me u dont resist it

  6. natem9187 says:

    potatoes in the grain group, hmm ok maybe you should do some research before you try giving advice or making assumptions 🙂

  7. cobrachoppergirl says:

    So, if I sold a food that poisoned millions and millions of people, made them confused, fatigued, diabetic, flatulent, and rotted their teeth, can I really say hey – its on them, they ate it, it was their choice and their fault if they got this way. No, I can’t, because it had no warning label and I sold this food with the trust and it was inded food and not a toxic substance with long term detrimental effects This is not the fault of the consumers – soft drink companies need to be destroyed.

  8. WolfDOuka says:

    There are Herbal Teas like Green Tea which helps with digestion. Tea is healthy and actually, it actually contains Teaine, which helps with mental and physical stress and it also can help produce feelings of relaxation and also helps with cognition and mood when combined with caffeine

  9. WolfDOuka says:

    Umm….So I can’t have cows milk, which is part of the Dairy group? Rice, Pasta and Potatoes are part of the Grains group

    Corn is a vegetable and Soya is often found in sushi, which is healthy…

    So I can’t have things which are healthy?

    I don’t need to get skinnier, I am 121 pounds and 5″11.

  10. leumasnehpets says:

    Increase your vitamins and mineral intake by eating more veggies (cucumber/brocolli/spinach/carrots/bananas) and fruits (oranges/pears/tomatos).

    Stay away from refined sugars and refined starches (white bread/rice/pasta/potato).

    Increase complex carb intake (sweet potato, brown rice, oatmeal, banana).

    Stay away from bread, cows milk, soya and corn, these coat the duodenum and the disgestinal tract (and villi) with a glue protein which doesn’t help the absorbtion of minerals/vitamins.

  11. leumasnehpets says:

    Thanks Natalie, you’re a very charismatic person which helps people (like myself) to listen. If only there was more people like Psyche Truth, yourself, and Jack Lalanne i’d be a very happy bunny.

  12. Jleigh225 says:

    You shouldn’t be eating that sugar period. If you have insulin issues also, it is best to avoid white flour and white sugar. Eat whole grains, vegetables, and lean meat. However, when you feel you must have sweets try to have small portions or a dessert that is fatty rather than sugary. Ice cream is a good choice, it has fat and protein in it. Carbohydrates are what mostly cause a release in sugar and insulin so combining sugar with fats and proteins help slow sugar release into your blood.

  13. crazymanthomas1654 says:

    tell me what to do after I eat sugar to prevent that huge release of insulin? I eat lots of sugar. my father is hypoglicimic

  14. jmodont45 says:


  15. ifitmoveskillit says:


  16. corkydawl84 says:

    I don’t know why you added tea to the list of bad drinks to have than water. Unless it’s sweetened with sugar or aspartame I can see why, but I drink decaf tea sweetened with stevia, or have lemon/lime water sweetened with stevia …cause I know a lot of people do not like water on its own.

    I also know soda, diet or not is terrible for your bones and dehydrates you.

  17. WolfDOuka says:

    I have hyopglaecemia and it started after a major illness in Grade 7. I need to eat food with sugars of any kind, glucose, fructose, lactose, sucrose, etc etc.

    I can’t have dark chocolate as most of the stuff has nuts in it, and I’m allergic so now what?

  18. perfect! imma eat alot of fiber

  19. MopDMTBARTL says:

    same thing with me, that is weird! i wonder why? i’ve been losing some fat around my stomach, is that why? it’s burning that stored energy?

  20. nsuodulu1234 says:


  21. swastedcat says:

    what made me lose weight is Hot Hoodia Plus. It’s the best pill i’ve ever tried and seen visible results in one week.

  22. everEbodE says:

    If you really want to lose weight then you should go to: combatingfat.blogspot,com

  23. Innergoth333 says:


    Yesterday I ate a pint of Blue Bell’s Pecan Praline and cream I cream…

    I can usually ignore my cravings (hadn’t eaten ice cream in 6 months) but I just really needed something sweet…


  24. lordofmidgets says:

    I started increasing my raw foods and getting away from the meat … man I got Super gAs.. this diet is killing me and the people around as well.. although it does provide some enjoyment… SBD.. but it is a huge side effect that I had not planned on.. and it hard to power through,, it tough to put down the ribs.. love the ribs..did I mention the ribs… and eating meat never caused GAS..

  25. COOLbigGOV says:

    There’s a gay dude here on YouTube (Jeffieboi) trying to lose his weight. If he doesn’t, he starts to fuck himself.

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