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  1. uRbattyboy says:

    gota love that mullet

  2. BodySpammer says:

    This guy is on stuff.

  3. diamond1285 says:

    were you also checking him out while chatting with him? did you also get a hard-on looking at his muscular physique? i would!

  4. diamond1285 says:

    whatever happened to francois muse? he was my favorite bodybuilder back then. i used to fantasize about him all the time. in the late 80’s and early 90’s when i was in my early teen, i used to jerk-off and cum to his pictures almost everyday in muscle and fitness magazines. my uncle used to have his work-out vidoes, and i would always watch it just to jerk-off and cum. is he still around?

  5. cmhmuscle says:

    yeah hot, and such a nice guy too…I met him years ago and we had a nice long chat about working out.

  6. i used to have this introduction video. did they ever do the later video’s? i really liked muse.

  7. Thee1KidChaos says:


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