Is there a website that build a daily pack with the supplements and vitamins I want. name brands?

I'm looking for a site that uses name brand supplements and vitamins to build these packs. I'm very interested in anti aging products so if they have lines such as LIfe Extensions and Solaray that would be great. I also like food based supplements so lines such as New Chapter Organics and Rainbow Light would be great. I can't be the only person who takes a lot of nutritional supplements and vitamins and is looking for a better way than using a vitamin dispenser. It just makes sense that there is a web site out there that lets you build perosnlized daily supplement packs from the same supplements and vitamins you can find in a great health food store but get them packaged into daily vitamin packs instead of all the bottles. I konw there are a lot people who focus on antiaging, longevity and alternative medicine that would want a service like this so I'm sure one exists. If one exists, I would love to know about it.
Someone just told me about a site where I can suppelements… thats not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a web site that will build a custom pack of supplements with what I want in it.

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  1. You might try

    This store has very good quality items and most of the ones you listed in your question. Email or call Dave the owner and see what he can do for you, he is very knowledgable in this field.

  2. I've been using these for the past 5 years. Great. The supplement have been invented more than 50 years. Good track record. Many published journals. Have seen people who had been using it for more than 30-40years look younger than their age.

  3. aintmyfault says:

    Some lady claimed her hands were so crippled up that it looked like she was holding on to a baseball … after only around 3 days of using this new product – she got use of her hand and it was straightening out … after a week or so – she claims she got full use back.

    People claim lots of things – if you contact the sites below and request a newspaper – they will send you out a wild paper full of things like that above. I am waiting also for him to send me an ebook that is for free, he said it should be ready in around 4 or 5 days.

    I got the site for it shown below also. I been using the stuff for almost 2 weeks now … I cannot even start to tell you what it has done for me, supposed to be the best anti aging product available today too.

    Hope it helps – this stuff is like bromolain and noni on steroids plus … Hope this was not a set up to see who spams … I was only answering a question and hope it helped.

    Biggest factor is the longevity with optimum health … I think it is working – went fishing with the children for the first time in over 5 years – I was in too much pain to go far … I don't have a bit of pain after less than 2 weeks, actually was less than a week when most my pain just fell away … maybe it was cooincidence.

    It must be, because; this stuff is not a drug and the company that patented it very strongly asserts that it cannot heal, cure, diagnose, treat and/or etc. any illness, disease and/or etc. they won't even give you testimonies of what it does for people … that is why you got to ask for it from the sites below and he will send you out a free newspaper full of testimonies from users.

    This product is only around a year old, you probably never heard of it …

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