How to loose weight the natural way

Want to loose weight and get healthier at the same time? With out the use of pharmaceutical drugs, useless exercise videos and over the top celebrate diets? I am going to let you in on some of the best secrets to loose weight without doing your self any physical damage. Any one of any size and any physical condition can benefit from this advice. You don’t even have to go to a gym, sounds good?

Ok my first tip is to eat more, yes that’s right eat more, but eat more of the right food. Let me explain, if you eat more your bodies metabolism will speed up, and the effect of this without going in to a long, boring explanation is that you will start to loose weight, believe me this is a well proven fact. The trick is to eat the right type of food, the foods to avoid are bread,potatoes, pasta and any other starchy food.

This type of food is packed with carbohydrates and will pile the pounds on if you don’t burn them off. Other foods to avoid are the obvious, sweets chocolates and high fat junk food. Eat at the right time and have your meals at the same time every day, don’t eat after seven o’clock in the evening, why ? Because your metabolism slows down at night and what you eat will be stored by your body. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish chicken and lean meat.

My next topic is exercise, every body needs exercise, start walking, walk every where, walk for twenty minutes to half an hour every day at a good brisk pace, and that’s it for the exercise. As you get fitter you can step up your exercise program, if you want to that is. If you are very heavy don’t start running it could do you more harm than good, you will be putting a lot of strain on your knee joints and your cardiovascular system, just start by walking.

If you want to kick start the process or if you want to loose the pounds a little faster you could use a diet supplement, I would always recommend using a herbal supplement as I am bias to wards herbal and natural remedies. There are a number of these supplements available most of them work as well theirs a couple I can recommend you can find the details in my blog.

The advice I have given you today is a miracle weight loss program, its just some common sense advice and if you stick to it you will lose weight and you will also enjoy the other benefits of a healthier life style. Good luck.

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