what is the nest supplement/supplement mix on the market?

What is the best supplements or mixes of on the market?
This is intended for someone wanting to build up more muscle/size and lose body fat

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  1. Guess Who says:

    I like the Vitamin Super B-Complex.

  2. Interested in making your own?
    1/2 large banana (or fruit of choice)
    1/3 cup soy protein
    1/4 cup frozen blueberries
    1/2 Tbs flax seed oil
    1/2 Tbs apple juice concentrate or honey
    1 tsp psyllium husks (health food store)
    8 oz water

    Break fruit into chunks. Combine all ingredients in a blender.
    blend to consistency of choice. Makes 2 servings.

  3. oda716mil says:

    Tell us what you are trying to do, and we can tell you what we think is the best on the market, otherwise beer and cheese. Sorry for the sarcasm.

  4. Whey protein isolate powders with added creatine, glutamine, and other ingredients. Powders are rich in amino acids which help repair and rebuild muscles after strenuos activities like weightlifting. Some also have added Colostrum, which is rich in growth factors and immunoglobins. BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) 3 vital amino acids which are in protien powders, yet are used up quickly by our muscles, so must be further supplemented in order keep your size on (muscles) after they are built. GABA, Arginine, Chyrsin, Testostrogain are excellent.

    To begin with, get the protein powder type mentioned above, and some BCAAs. Research the rest if you feel you need 'more' as you start putting on the muscle.

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