Superman exercise for lower back: BodySpex fitness w/ Jai

Trainer Jai demonstrates proper form and technique for variations of the Superman exercise. This exercise works the lower back and glutes and is great for addressing lower back pain. … fitness exercise workout muscle trainer Superman lower back pain glutes technique form


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  3. Can you provide a link? I googled it and couldn’t find anything that simply explained the problem.

  4. Unfortunately, not a good exercise. Yes, read McGill…to much compression and shearing forces on the lumbar spine. An exercise to totally avoid.

    Mark Kane LPT

  5. At that time there have been different ways to measure stuff and different ideas about fitness. The old model of endurance for example and that running in a fat burning is the best way to shed fat.

    The Superman is not a very functional exercise due to its position. I doubt you will ever want to run around in hyperextension of your lumbar spine.

    As this is a position you dont want to be in in the first place, isometric strange in such a motion is quite unnecessary.

  6. bismillahir rehmanir rahee
    Vey nice and easy excercise….and the effect is really amazing… pain was releived in minutes….thanks for the video

  7. THanks for the workout! It feels great and helps reduce my temporary back pain from weight lifting!

  8. Jai you are nice 😉 do u have msn ? 😉 i wud like to talk to u..

  9. What about this study: Biering-Sorensen F., “Physical Measurements As Risk Indicators for Low Back Trouble Over a One-Year Period,” Spine, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1984, pp. 106-119. They conclude that the only predictor for lower back pain was isometric strength in a superman like exercise (holding your torso against gravity for around a minute was the cut off).

  10. Limb weight = mass

    Mass x gravity = force

    Force x lever arm = torque

    Torque is a force that tends to cause rotation.

    When no rotation can occur because the spine is hyperextended and the facets are compressed then shear forces arise.

    Just read McGill.

    McGill, S.M. Low back disorders: Evidence based prevention and rehabilitation, Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign, IL, U.S.A., 2002.

    Tim Richardson, PT

  11. I think even for people who can do it with all limbs at once, doing individual opposite limbs is still very useful.

    Also, I wonder if it would be good with ankle weights and dumbbells.

  12. How exactly can it create sheer forces when there’s no load on the spine at all?

  13. Jai,

    You need to check out Stuart McGill ‘Biomechanics of Back Pain’.

    Superman creates excessive shear forces at the facets and the annular fibers. DON’T DO IT!

    I don’t want to yell at you, man, but this information has been out there for 5 years.

    You should know it.

    Instead, do Quadriped Hip Extension. Neutral spine, co-contract abdominal stabilizers with hip (not lumbar) extensors.

    Check out this video.

  14. a mixture of cardio and strength along with a healthy diet will remove body fat throughout your body, it is difficult to remove fat from a single area.

    Thanks a zillion to BodySpex and Jai for this video!

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