How To Eat Gluten Free Can Be A Problem

There are a number of foods to which many people are intolerant to varying degrees, such as peanuts, lactose, yeast, or wheat. How to eat gluten free is probably the biggest problem for those who are sensitive to it as it is so difficult to avoid. The fact is, wheat is an ingredient in an incredible number of processed foods.

There are many different forms of this lectin, and not everybody responds to them all in the same way. Some people cannot tolerate any of them, while others might only have a problem with common wheat and not other forms of wheat like spelt or kamut, or with rye or the other grains. While many grains contain some form of this lectin, others such as corn, rice, or millet are free of it.

With wheat being the main problem, it becomes necessary to abstain from any foods with this as an ingredient: this means all except gluten free forms of breads, cake, cookies, and other baked foods. As these are very common at tempt the appetite, this can be understandably difficult. However, it is best to resist, as otherwise your problems will simply persist.

It is also essential to be alert for less obvious sources of wheat, such as sauces or gravies where wheat may be used as a thickener. It is necessary to read food labels carefully, and avoid any where you are unsure whether wheat is not one of the ingredients or not. Even snack foods like potato chips can contain flour although any made using corn or cornstarch instead are acceptable.

Do not fool yourself by thinking there is only a small quantity of wheat in the serving. Even a very small quantity can exert its full effect. The only way to avoid the problems it causes is by totally avoiding consuming any. Avoidance of all foods containing wheat is the only solution.

For those with only a limited choice of foodstuffs which makes it almost impossible to avoid eating wheat, sprouting it destroys the gluten and renders it harmless. Essene Brad, made only from sprouted wheat, can be a useful substitute.But make sure it does not contain any normal flour as well. Cooking or other processing can sometimes render certain foods harmless, as is the case with rice

There are many other starches you can eat instead, including rice and maize as already mentioned. Other more expensive ones such as millet, quinoa and amaranth are also suitable. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are also safe from this lectin. Vegetables and proteins such as meat and poultry may also be eaten freely. Dairy products are safe as well so there is no need to feel deprived.

While knowing how to eat gluten free is the first step. The biggest challenge is avoiding all the delicious wheat products which fill so many supermarket shelves. Wheat has been a basic food for so long and most people take eating it for granted. But persist and avoid it strictly, and eventually you will be able to change a lifelong habit, although it will probably always be necessary to be on your guard just as with alcohol.

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