Beginners Guide To The Most Effective Exercise of All: The Simple Way To Squat Properly

The squat is one of the most basic strength training exercises but it can easily lead to injury if not performed safely, explaining why you need to find out how to execute it correctly. Using the right methodology in doing this exercise is crucial for avoiding wounds and making sure efficacy. Once you are able to squat properly, you can start anticipating developing your total strength and include it as part of your Workout System.

The exercise necessarily begins with you taking the barbell from the power rack. When you do so, be absolutely certain to grab the barbell with both hands and then squash the muscles of your upper back and position the bar on them. Be careful not to position the bar on your neck. You need to also make sure that your lower back is arched at all times when you perform this exercise.

What does arching your back mean?

Try this little experiment: Lie face-down on the floor, holding your arms out front. Lift both your arms and legs off the floor simultaneously and observe what happens to your lower back. That is the arch you want to make when you perform the squat. Take note that the arch is vital because it protects you from back wounds helping reinforce your lower back, so you can avoid hurting yourself with such mundane activities as moving the sofa.

Now, you are prepared to execute the basic movement of the squat. Ensure that your heels are positioned about a shoulder-width apart. Take note as well that your toes should mention a little bit. Next, make sure that your weight is supported by your heels instead of your toes. Start the exercise by lowering your ass as far back as you can, as if you are sitting down on a non-existent chair. As you go down, your knees may point in the same direction as your toes. Stop your downward movement when your legs are held parallel to the floor and then get back up slowly by squeezing your legs and butt. Make sure that you move like a lift without leading with your butt.

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