How To Create A Winning Resume And Guarantee A Job Interview

These days, getting a job is tough. Employers expect more and pay less; there are literally hundreds of people applying for one position and it can be difficult to set yourself apart so that you actually get a job interview. You must first look good on paper – that is, your resume must stand out and let a potential employer know that you deserve the position.

You have to set yourself apart on paper first, before selling yourself in person. Your resume has to include all the information that an organization is searching for, plus more, in order to put you on the list of qualified candidates.

The cover letter plays an important role; it lets the company know that you are interested in working for them, and why. It gives a summary of the expertise and qualifications that you possess. This letter essentially answers the question, “Why am I best suited for the position?”

Usually, a resume is no more than two pages long. At the top of the first page, your contact information and full name should be clearly displayed. The font should be clear and legible. It should also contain a complete list of your career or mission statement, your work history and your education.

It is extremely important for your documents to be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Just one small error could have your resume in the trash bin, and your dreams along with it. Proofread your work at least twice before sending it out to potential employers.

Once you have a date and time set up, you’ll want to do some research on the company to find out all you can. What are their products or services? Who is their leadership team comprised of? What is their mission statement? Practice the job interview process and have your answers prepared ahead of time. Watch your body language, and above all, arrive on time.

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