Useful Ways That Men Can Practice To Learn To Last Longer In Bed

The problem of premature ejaculation affects more men than it does women. It is rare to hear of a woman who suffers the same predicament because women keep going and the pleasure even gets intense with time. There are so many techniques that men can use to ensure they last longer in bed and in the end satisfy their partners sexually.

Masturbation is one way that a man who wishes to learn to last longer in bed can use. Masturbation helps you identify and know more about the areas of your penis that are most sensitive. You can teach yourself how to hold back when on the verge of having an orgasm and by avoiding contact with such sensitive parts. When you masturbate before sex it helps you much because your penis becomes stiff and sensitivity reduces.

Making foreplay last longer is another way to ensure you hold off your orgasm till later. Jumping right into sex will have you coming in just a few minutes while fun will have just begun for your lover and you will not be able to pleasure her. Tease her more because for a woman it is more about the emotions, and then proceed with sex after you are sure she has had enough.

Another way to make the pleasure for both of you not short lived is being courteous. It takes longer for women to climax and you should hold your orgasm until she has had hers. A man can hold back his orgasm easily than a woman can, reason why the responsibility is bestowed on the man. Her most sensitive parts are not just around her vagina but it can be neck or breasts and you should touch them more.

Thrusting faster into her makes you reach orgasm early and you should therefore control the speed. Slow deep thrusts are what you should try because it intensifies her pleasure and you do not ejaculate early. The first two to three inches of her vagina are the most sensitive for the man because further deep it widens.

You should also try new sex positions that are even out of your comfort zone so you can learn to last longer in bed. The men who reach orgasm early are those used to similar positions. The time in between switching positions helps you cool off a bit. A woman comes early and you last longer if you let her go on top and take control.

Conduct Kegel exercises often even when urinating. This way you will be able to hold back an orgasm that comes too early. If during sex you almost have an orgasm, pull out and squeeze below the penis head near the urethra and the ejaculation will be suppressed.

Use of medication is another way that men can use to last longer in bed. The option should only be explored after all others fail. There are many types of medication available which you can buy in pharmacies and if they do not work then you should go see a doctor.

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