How To Build Muscle Over 40

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  1. beefycajun says:

    Miguel Ferrer is in his early 50s.

  2. bigtonutz says:

    good stuff!! at his age he is still training hard that is awesome.

  3. tracyblogger says:

    Isn’t that Miguel Ferrer?

  4. disappears says:

    Hey!! B Nice

  5. iMpure1337 says:

    that reminds me of my grandfather he also worked in the mines.

  6. kiwitedferny says:

    What a nice guy. Inspirational. Good on ya!

  7. bearsagainstevil says:

    my grandfather had one of the best bodys Ive ever seen and that was just through working everyday from a kid down a mine .
    he was in his 70s and most people when they dig the garden stop now and then he didnt , he was like a machine.
    the sort of hard work jobs people used to do in the past using hand tools were great exercise

  8. His face looks 85, and his body looks 55.

  9. aspro7098 says:

    you never said his NAME

  10. aspro7098 says:

    Vince great Video but you never said his NAME

  11. aspro7098 says:

    Vince ……..great video but you never said his NAME?

  12. 65 wow! he doesn’t look a day over 64!

  13. pierre1050 says:

    Wow, awesome. Positive spirit!

  14. YoungJeezy333 says:

    everything he said is true! food makes u big no training! age is just a number!

  15. MoroccanSword says:

    thank you Dellmonte you are the best !

  16. radzio1488 says:

    DISX so i wanna see ur body when u will be 65 LOL…

  17. 65 wow!

  18. plumprandy says:


  19. DSIXSIXSIX says:

    amazing? he is just ripped,no mass at why is he so amazing?

  20. fatoldmanworkout says:

    damn, that guy has a great attitude to match a great physique!

  21. saudsaud47 says:

    we need more video for this muscler

    i like his body and his age>>>>waw

  22. trustk1ll says:

    dam 65, with that body, SWEEEET

  23. frenchys69 says:


  24. jimbodacious66 says:

    Simply put “JUST DO IT!”

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