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  1. chizzy555 says:

    they were straight leg deadlifts, not goodmornings

  2. BeigeFunk says:

    Haney┬┤s squats are really strange…He seems to go only 1/4 of the way down.

  3. Laney is a good instructer. His words are very clear and you can tell he knows his stuff.

  4. pats14fann01 says:

    Lee did have massive legs for him but in the front poses he just couldn’t get them cut enough to match his torso.
    His competitors had better shape for their legs in the front. If you take a look at Lee’s back shots he has better hams to match his upper back!!!

  5. LawrenceRanada says:

    True that. Lee’s legs weren’t exactly his forte.

  6. pats14fann01 says:

    Lee looks like had knee problems. I do the same thing he does and use the Leg extension to get the knees warmed up. Then go into squats!!!

  7. pats14fann01 says:

    Tom Platz was and still is the quad master!!!

  8. steroidsR4losers says:

  9. maxorlov1976 says:

    lee does 1/3 squats… PLATZ is my hero.

  10. maxorlov1976 says:

    mr o is a subjective thing. i wonder how much LEE could squat at all? besides, its not good am there, its stiff legged dead lift

  11. steroidsR4losers says:

  12. elite99900 says:

    tom platz had the the best legs in bodybuilding history

  13. nice…but whatsup with the violin…

  14. I agree w you 100%. I always said Toms proportions were way off. He had a short thick wide torso, very small arms but the worlds best legs.That’s why Franco beat him in ’81.Tom was a super intense trainer.Very nice guy too. Lee was a great champion though.

  15. bigtomw87 says:

    but i do admit no one trained harder then tommy!!!! but he wasnt a master of his physique

  16. bigtomw87 says:

    i understand that but the most massive legs in bodybuilding history dont make a winner his poportions were wrong

  17. No Mr O. But did Lee have the most massive legs ever in the history of BB? NO. Tom did.

  18. bigtomw87 says:

    yeah but was tom platz ever mr. o?????????? NO

  19. Lee is a truly nice guy. It only takes a few seconds to realize that. How many pro’s take the time to train the average joe? The new school bodybuilders have serious attitude issues. But that’s just the way it is.

  20. He says he is going parallel on the squat. But it looks to me like his depth is shallow, hips are short of parallel. Tom Platz goes way deeper than that, hitting rock bottom. But it seems to work for Lee.

  21. eltubster14 says:

    Top instruction from an all-time great. Haney was the man responsible for helping Evander Holyfield build up to a powerful heavyweight frame when he moved up from cruiserweight.

  22. lee haney is what bodybuilding is all about…… one of the top 2 or 3 backs ever……. his back was like a cobra.

  23. Jasminovic89 says:

    man you dont know what bodybuilding is….

  24. gmlorusso says:

    Lee Haney: No arms, legs, calves..How this fraud won 8 Olympia titles is beyond me..

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