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  1. jptorre11 says:

    Fuck me, Chic !

  2. NobivonSinnen says:

    Hallo from Norbert, germany. I´m gay and 44 years old. I like bodybuilder very much. Greetings from germany.

  3. he is really HOT

  4. thats what he was like then, whts he like now??? bigger in all departments I hope. what a body. Cumming just thinking about it

  5. diamond1285 says:

    i remember jorge betancourt back in the early 90’s. used to jerk-off and cum to his pictures all the time.

  6. BodySpammer says:


  7. StevenSWM says:

    He was definitely my all time favorite also…and yeah, he still is!

  8. steerpike66 says:

    Silicondog; you are a hero of vintage muscle clips. The amount of work you have put in and the stuff you’ve made available is staggering. Thanks and don’t let up.

  9. musclejoey says:


  10. bill08033 says:

    Thanks for sharing this entire series of clips! Chic was (and is) one of my all-time favorites.

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