How long does it take for muscle mass to build?

After a pretty consistent series of cardio/aerobic/muscle training (crunches etc.) how long does it take for muscle mass to start to increase? Any info/answers/etc. would be very much appreciated

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  1. erinshesse says:

    If you are doing everything right (correct lifts, correct amount of weight, right type of cardio, eating right), you can gain .25-.5 lbs of dry lean tissue per week. That may correspond to a larger increase in weight (i.e., because muscle tissue will fill with water and nutrients, thereby holding more weight). But that is pretty much the max without using steroids.

  2. it’s a long road, my friend. you should start to notice changes in about 3 weeks…most of those changes will be subtle. I reccomend taking pictures of yourself and then comparing before pics to current ones, to see some tangible differences and keep yourself motivated. keep working, it will make a difference.

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