Do you get more strength from working on toning your muscles or muscle mass?

does gaining muscle mass like lifting heavy weights few times, does it even actually make you stronger?

I know toning for a fact gives you muscle but is there like a certain amount of muscle you can fit into that amount and the muscle wont grow any bigger until you gain mass? Like lifting small weights gives you tone but does it also give somewhat some mass? and vice versa for working on mass? im confused

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  1. Gaining muscle mass will give you plenty of strength if its done right. What I mean by that is the weight has to be lifted through the full range of motion. Let's say you're doing a bench press. You have to take the weight, start with the weight at your chest, lift it, and then return it to your chest. That's considered 1 rep. If you stop with the weight 5" from your chest you only go through part of the range of motion, and you'll be weak the closer you to get to your chest.

    Toning does not give you muscle. Toning just strenghtens the muscle that's already there. Lifting light weights and doing high reps(aka endurance) gives you tone. It may add a small amount of mass, but not much. Endurance is mainly for women, and most don't want to get bulky.

    So the reverse of that is also true. If you lift heavy weights, for low reps, the muscle will get big. It'll still have tone of course, but it'll gain mass as well.

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