Hollywood Hotel Muscle Workout (Back, Bi, Legs) Part 2

The Hollywood Hotel Upper Body Muscle Workout. Brought to you by Vince Del Monte and www.VinceDelMonteFitness.com Enjoy the commentary on some of the interesting people I met here in Hollywood… Upper Body Pull Day plus Legs Squat = 4 x 25 (100lbs) 1 Arm Cable Rows = 2 x 25 Half Burpees = 2 x 25 DB Deadlifts = 2 x 25 Step Ups with DB’s = 2 x 50 Horizontal Cable Rows = 2 x 25 Speed Cable Bicep Curls = 4 x 25 If you’ve been to Hollywood, share something funny or interesting you experienced …

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  1. malayareign says:

    freat video! I love it. You’re the man vince!

  2. controversyking says:

    I went to LA and Hollywood this summer. They are a strange bunch! I could share stories wtih Vince, too. People were so into themselves and very shallow and materialistic. The beaches were nice, but there’s no way I could live there.

  3. Roniboney says:

    this guy is greatman.his programmes and diet plans work

  4. teddyirene says:

    My daughter visited Hollywood last year (from Australia) and thinks it belongs on another planet! She saw some very strange people there! Great video, I wish I had one of those machines.

  5. DickKnowsBest says:

    I are his buddy

  6. LionInfluence says:

    Hey Vince, right now I don’t drive I dont have access to a gym right now, but I have a bowflex revolution machine at home. Is this enough for adding muscle mass and size, how efficient is it compared to the gym (I know im short of dumbells, lat station, etc, but it does offer a fair amount of exercises which i can do, just not very varied.) Thanks!

  7. donaldloveu says:

    he have no buddy to talk about it
    so he think we are his buddy
    nice story vince

  8. Yeah, I have no interest in ever going to hollywood. Some of the most immoral things happen there. Great story Vinny, just one more reason not to ever go lol. My guess: well since everyone else is saying its for a movie role Ill say something different; you are there to train a movie star(s) so they can get in shape for an upcoming role

  9. TheDuddleyCo says:

    his diet is terrible! at the end of eating this thing he starts talking about fat burns faster than carbs and that they should be avoided coz they make you put on weight. and that to build muscle you only want fat and protein. I was shocked by how bizare his thoughts on health fitness were. where do people learn this nonsense?

  10. TheDuddleyCo says:

    I just got back from doing some xmas shopping. was grabing some turkish in a foodcourt. this group of McDs employees are sitting next to us and one McDs employee opens his McDs burger and it is acutually 3 burger patties with cheese between. he then coats the thing in mayo and eats it. at this point i am thinking what is wrong with this guy?

  11. tehnogym ?? ahahhaa

  12. THis was such fun to watch and see the lighter (that pun was unintentional) side of you. Your workout is great,but who would have pulleys in a regular gym of a hotel? They were great exercises, and good luck with whatever the secret [email protected]@

  13. JULIOCESARE007 says:

    good story vince i live in west hollywood where u staying at ? i love LA

  14. Nice story! I liked it very much 🙂

  15. Great video! I think you’re making a big budget movie, with lots of cars, girls, and explosions. Actually, sans girls because you’re engaged haha.

  16. you are there to make a workout program. by the way awesome video vince.

  17. great videos, Vince, keep it up! you are the best fitness expert on the net, and hopefully that will expand to some other non-internet arenas too! keep the life insights coming, they make what can be otherwise dry workout videos much more interesting. and it helps separate your vids from others.

  18. hiimchase says:


  19. mattyoung92 says:

    LMAO bloody hollywood folk

  20. Nobama1028 says:

    yea true

  21. TheDuddleyCo says:

    I was once working out after I was sick. was doing my usual leg extension excercise and started feeling really sick and dizzy. ended up puking in the toilets. turned out I had an ear infection I didnt know about. take it easy when you are sick and when you are just recovering from being sick and avoid heavy weights

  22. MrGangstar3600 says:

    at 5:34

  23. stayReal4life says:

    what time

  24. MrGangstar3600 says:

    the guy in the background was going to open the door and when he saw vince he turned around lol

  25. jaboipell says:

    i dont open doors for girls. men are much more superior

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