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  1. man i did dat 21 shit
    n my shits were tite after wards

    very gud work out

  2. gud video
    n how did yu get yur chest like dat

    nice body
    [no homo]

  3. bigdaddylovestori says:

    i tried this workout man these sets and reps are insane. amazing pump!!! love it 5starz!!

  4. ruggaplayer says:

    hey im 13 nearly 14 in one month im 5″6 at 62kgs and i got to build up for rugby season is it ideal to do dumbells workouts or ? pros please reply i need your advice. Thanks

  5. what weight is that on there?

  6. 155qwerty155 says:

    Great video, it’s on my playlist now.

  7. dang i gotta get me some weights now….

  8. this is very effective thanks!!!\

  9. eqilibrium says:

    reverse grip can hurt your wrists if you go at it rambo style. nice vid man

  10. brentduanefoster says:

    Very effective. They will have your bi’s burnin’ like hell!!!!

  11. Nice video!

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