The Science of Getting Rich, Its Relationship With “The Secret,” and The Law of Attraction

To be rich is definitely not easy. However, that doesn’t mean that to be rich is unattainable. The power, glamor, and fame of being rich are within reach provided that we would take the initiative to discover how it is to be rich. The laws of success would tell us that big things start from small beginnings. A difference in our lives shall emanate from doing things gradually but surely.The possession of wealth such as money and property results from our ways of doing things in a certain manner. One of the secrets to get rich is to learn how to do things in certain ways. That is to be sure that what you are doing is proper and are in connection to your definite aim. This certain ways of doing things would allow you to invest and focus your time as well as effort not only to a small number of things but to a lot of ways by which you get rich.

[The 11 forgotten laws]

The SGR seminar is a comprehensive training system that aims to explain principles of Wattles and encourages everyone to incorporate them in their daily lives. The seminar also includes audio, written, and live seminar formats to help individuals learn, employ and master these incredibly simple but important principles of wealth creation. What makes this seminar more striking is its in-built vehicle that enables participants to make money through an affiliate program. The seminar therefore not only empowers individuals with the knowledge to become rich but also provides means to extend their income. The seminar therefore is a unique amalgamation of original concepts by Wattles and expertise of masterminds like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith, and Rhonda Byrne.Have you read the Science of Getting Rich but feel a little stuck with what to do next to bring about the financial changes you would like to see? Maybe you feel you would like a more modern take on this old classic…. This will help… read on….

When I first read this book I thought about creative ways to make money other than by making money in a job. Using the word creative initially made me think of the arts, writing books and other similar services. I have a different take on this now which I feel will help you, it helped me! When you think about creative ways of making money and getting rich think about being of service to others. In simple terms creating something which will be of use to others.

To sum it all, getting rich is the result of doing things in certain ways. These certain ways of doing things can also be included in the laws of success – laws which do not only enable man to get rich but they also make man successful in different aspects of life.If anyone in your place can get rich, so can you. Getting rich is not a matter of choosing the best profession or business. People can get rich in every profession or business while others who are in line with same profession and business remain to be poor. Again, that is because, getting rich is dependent upon our manner of doing things. We should do things in certain ways to get rich and successful.

I speak from personal experience here ~ after 14 years in the corporate world I followed my dreams and started my own personal development business. For me being in service, helping others and making a positive difference around the world gives me the true riches in life. The fact that I am creating financial freedom from doing this is just a wonderful bonus:). I think it is about time that we were totally honest with ourselves regards learning all the stuff that is available to make us rich, make us happy, make us more aware how to use the Law of Attraction etc. It seems we follow the really successful gurus who have made these teachings work for them and have had meteoric success from day one. Now although this is good sales publicity, it is not what happens for 99% of the people who try to learn.We can also get sucked into following someone who has read a book and has the flair to create adverts and sales product to entice us into there fantastic new fail proof method.

When Visualization and Affirmations Don’t Work.There is a science to visualization and affirmations that most people don’t get. You can add mental and spiritual power towards your visualization and affirmations to increase its power. Many of those techniques are quite ancient and practiced in many mystery schools. Few people take the time to go beyond the basics of the law of attraction to learn those powerful techniques that get astounding results.There is a Science to Everything in Nature.To master life you must learn the rules and the law of attraction as well as the development of the mind is crucial to living a successful life. If you find yourself failing again and again it is because you have not dedicated yourself to fully understanding the right techniques to getting results.It’s not enough to just know about the law of attraction. It’s not enough to just think positive thoughts. The real science of attraction requires a rhythm and technique that few people understand. Those who know it use it to create an amazing life.Most people are led to believe they are powerless when it comes to their financial prospects or any other influential aspect of their lives. While many feel it is their lot to labor as wage slaves, others are frustrated in their attempts at beginning a business enterprise by what they might characterize as bad market forces. It probably hasn’t occurred to them that they may possess the power necessary to sculpt the world around them through the power of thought. Surprisingly enough, there is scientific evidence from various disciplines such as botany, physics and computer science that support this conclusion.

Since the discovery of the dual nature of light in 1803, physicists searched for an explanation. From 1900 onward, scientists predicted that the probability of real, physical outcomes is based upon probabilities at the sub-atomic or quantum level. Moreover, it was found the act of observation itself not only may change the outcome, but is, in fact, required for any one of infinite possibilities to come true – some are just more likely than others.When the “many worlds” theory was introduced in the late 1950s, it was predicted that each and every decision at the sub-atomic level comes true, creating an entire universe where history unfolds differently. Just a few years later, the notion of all matter being connected on some fundamental level was laid out. This “entanglement” of particle pairs gives rise to “spooky action at a distance, as theorized by Einstein a half century earlier.

If you focus on sin, you only get more sin. Ministers need to teach what Jesus was trying to tell us: that the truth would set us free. Jesus said his “yoke was easy, and his burden was light.” By applying this truth to our lives, it allows us to get out from underneath all of the lies and misinformation that is often dispensed.Don’t forgive, take revenge, or impose your will on others to get what you want. These are all lies we’ve suffered from, and they’ve only created more misery and pain for everyone.Do your work every day and do it in a successful manner.Again, it’s about focus. If you’re not focused on taking those steps that will help you become a success, and you’re not doing those things that will help you become a success, you won’t succeed.If you are in business for yourself, ask yourself every day: “Is the task I am about to do going to contribute to the overall success of my business?” If the answer is no, then you’re wasting your time.

Some experiments performed with several species of houseplants in the 1970s found a correlation between the aural surroundings and growth characteristics as observed by growth characteristics and EEG equipment. Subsequent experiments found that threatening harm to the plant itself, another plant, or even just thinking about it caused a dramatic response is EEG activity. Thought about the plant, and especially visualization of a thriving plant by a human subject causes increased growth rates and overall plant health. Again, distance did not affect the outcome.

In the late 1990s, researchers at Princeton University came up with an experiment designed to see if there was a way to track changes in how random the output from a random number generator was and what, if anything could affect the outcome. Each spike in the data was then examined with respect to news events worldwide and a tremendous correlation was found.It would seem the more people are affected by the event, the greater the effect. For instance, there is a spike every New Years Eve that seems to travel around the world. Events such as violent attacks, natural disasters and some sporting events that really have people concentrating on an outcome are the most likely “spontaneous” events to register.Experiments have also been conducted with the eggs to determine if a large number of minds with the same purpose in mind can have a collective effect. Correlation was found between experimental events where a very large number of people concentrate on a given goal at the same time. Experiments by late night talk-show host Art Bell produced chaotic though tangible results that were also measured on the Princeton Eggs.What is even more exciting is that the effect seems to occur outside the constant of space and time, as well. For instance, the effect of something happening in India is just as likely to appear on an egg in the subcontinent as the Canada. Also, when events were about to unfold that no one or only a few people were aware of, there has been several minutes of lead-time demonstrated from when the effect is first noted in the Eggs and the corresponding event occurs.

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