How to Overcome Fear of Flying Permanently

DId you know that one out of every six adults has a fear of flying? Flying isn’t really something that everyone looks forward to. Like in my case, riding an airplane has always been an issue for the longest time and it was just recently that I’ve somewhat overcame my fear and realized that I had nothing to fear after all. Of course, there are still those moments that I find myself nervous which is completely normal, but that didn’t stop me from flying. Don’t let your fear of flying hinder you from traveling and discovering new places. So if you suffer from the same anxiety when traveling by plane, here are some tips to that can help alleviate your fear and make flying more bearable.

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Know what to expect. Fear and anxiety usually happen when your mind wanders off and imagine all sorts of possibilities that could happen. Things such as the plane will crash, the plane will burn, the plane will explode and other negative situations can all create fear. Without knowing to expect, a simple turbulence can instantly send you to panicville. Try to familiarize yourself with the sounds and movements of an airplane so that you’ll understand what you’re experiencing during take off, landing or when the plane hits turbulence. There are a lot of resources online that can help you understand what to expect.

An anxiety attack that stems from phobia may have the following symptoms.Stomachache or that butterfly feeling in your stomach.headache,Dizziness,Nausea,Sweaty hands,Difficulty breathing,Restlessness,An episode can happen anytime and anywhere especially if exposure to the object of fear is imminent. Sometimes, people even experience a panic attack just by thinking of their fears.How to Overcome Fear of Flying,There are many tips about how to overcome phobias. Some of these tips are to take sedatives before your flight and drink relaxing drinks like champagne during the flight. While these methods may work to relieve your fears, these are just temporary methods of getting rid of your phobia. You will be still be afraid of flying.If you never want to experience a panic attack because of your phobia again, you have to find a treatment that will help you permanently get rid of your fear. There are numerous options you can take to win over this condition.

Medication therapy works best with psychotherapy but these therapies are effective on their own. With medication therapy, your doctor would prescribe drugs that can help lessen the frequency of your attacks. Psychotherapy works best for phobias as in this type of treatment, you are presented with several things you can actually do to not be scared anymore. Exposure therapy is a technique used to help you conquer your phobia. In this method, you will gradually be exposed to your phobia in controlled situations until you are not scared anymore. You will learn how to overcome fear of flying by braving the object of your phobia.Flying is one of the most convenient way to travel. Do not miss on the opportunity to experience this convenience just because you are scared of it. There is nothing to be scared of. Face your fear and you will see what you’ve been missing for a long time.

The fear of flying is a common phobia. There are different root causes of this phobia in people. Some individuals do not like losing control, others fear the plane will not make the destination, and sometimes it is about being confined in a tight space. Understanding the cause of your fear of flying will help you control it and get you on that plane to an important wedding, vacation, or business trip. There are six tips, which can help you get over your fear, onto the tarmac, and in the air. Following these tips may not solve your phobia overnight, but if you are committed and work hard you will certainly be able to fly with more comfort.

Accept Risks – Regardless of how much you prepare yourself from any eventuality, you will never really know when accident will strike. The same rule applies when flying on a plane. By accepting the fact that risks are always involved in everything that we do, you will be calmer and more accepting of the fact that your fear of flying can be remedied.It’s estimated that approximately 50% of the population is afraid to fly.Fear is a problem. It fuels all types of anxiety disorders, and is usually linked to an unpleasant experience, or the belief that an unpleasant experience will occur. This idea is based on the psychological school of thought called behaviorism, which suggests that behaviors are learned through interactions with the world around us, and shape our behavior.

Learn more about flying:You’re much less likely to be fearful of something that you know and understand and the same is true of flying. Since a major component of your fear is that you’re leaving your comfort zone, being informed about how air travel works and how low the risk of a plane accident actually is can go a long way towards putting your mind at ease and allowing you to board a plane and take a flight without losing your composure.

Learn some relaxation techniques:Even if you understand why you fear flying and know that the risk of anything actually happening is incredibly small, it’s only natural to be tense and anxious when you finally do get on a plane. Before you take a flight, prepare yourself by learning relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation and visualization and start using them as far in advance as possible. The more relaxed you are before you board, the better prepared you will be to fly – and remember, it’ll be easier the next time you get on a plane.

Marybeth associated not being able to get out of her seat as the trigger to believing she was trapped. And if she were trapped she would panic. As you can imagine this created intense anxiety for her. She bit the bullet for a while, but finally decided she wouldn’t fly anymore.The negative attributions we make about flying are rooted in our core beliefs. Here are a few related to flying:The plane will crash.I will die.I will panic.I will be trapped.I can’t do this

Hypnotherapy:If none of the above helps you to overcome your fear of flying to the point that you’re ready to get on a plane, then you may want to consider hypnotherapy as an alternative. Hypnosis can help you to get to the root of your fears and assist you in overcoming them. While hypnosis isn’t a panacea for your anxieties, it is a valuable tool that can get you over the hump – and onto the tarmac and ready to fly.

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