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If you are using a social networking service, you may have thought of how to get more followers. This goal can be important to help spread your thoughts and business services to a wider audience. Consider these factors when looking to expand your audience.

One important tip is to gear your social network towards attracting followers. Take a close look at who you follow on social media networks — are their feeds popular? While it is important to follow people whose interests are in line with yours, make sure that you stack your social network with highly-followed feeds and blogs. This may give you more exposure.

Reposting social media updates from people with many followers is another trick to gain more followers yourself. This gives the appearance of being connected to these users. Other users recognizing these names may convince them to follow you.

Building a diverse online social media network is important, as is building one that is specialized. Try to follow leaders in your industry or interest area to increase your professional exposure and reputation. However, your network also needs to contain people who represent your “weak ties” in other areas, both interest and geographically-based. Following and linking to these people increases your social media exposure beyond a limited group.

Posting blog posts and status updates with links to other peoples’ online news articles or blog posts helps you gain followers through the use of trackback links. When other social networkers follow these trackback links in the comments section of another website, they will be directed to your feed and may follow your profile or blog. This is also an important part of joining into the wider conversation of the internet.

Also, make sure that people know about your social media accounts. List your usernames on your business card or resume, for a start. Consider integrating your recent status updates into your blog or website to attract those readers. As well, even though social media is an internet phenomenon, it doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it. Make sure that people you interact with off the the web know that you are a social media user, because they might be users too.

When you’ve used social networking to develop your online presence, you may have used some of these ideas to boost your presence. These approaches, however, can always be refined when trying to build you network. When you want to get more followers, think about revisiting these ideas.

Wanting to know how to get more followers? In this get more followers article, you’ll learn how others do this the easy way.

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