History of Massage

An expert masseur guiding their hands over your skin to give you that exhilarating pleasure is an unmatched feeling. But in the hands of an expert masseur, you receive more than just pleasure and relaxation. So many new massage London places are now opening up and people are now realizing the many benefits of this alternative wellness therapy. A lot of people wonder whether massage is a relatively new invention or if it has been around since olden times. Well, the history of massage certainly dates way back.

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Even before 3000 BC, the technique of massage was in India. In that region, massage was regarded as the divine art of healing, and a part of the traditional holistic medicine system known as Ayurveda.

Egypt and China Experience Massage
Between 3000 BC and 2500 BC, massage therapy seems to have been developed in both these regions. Several tomb paintings and depictions talk about the practice of reflexology and massage. This was also the time around which the Chinese system of massage therapy developed.

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Massage History Proceeds
In the year 1000 BC monks brought the Chinese massage system to Japan. During their study of Buddhism in China, the monks found this therapy to be promising. This caused Japan to use the holistic Chinese medicine system and develop its own massage practices.

Massage History in Greece
Massage was brought to the Western world in 800 BC when athletes and philosophers professed it in Greece. Athletes of the time were known to use massage as a means of keeping themselves in top shape for competitions and physicians even began using herbs and infusion oils to treat medical conditions.

Rome and Massage Therapy
Around the 200 and 100 BCE Rome began practicing massage therapy and an emperor’s physician was the one to bring massage into complete use for disease and injury treatment. The common man could use the public massage places while the wealthy used to get personal and private massage sessions.

West and Massage Therapy
Massage prevailed through the 17th and 19th centuries but after that was disregarded when science became popular. No longer were manual methods popular until a short while ago when this therapy gained momentum again.
Massage was included in the Swedish Gymnastic Movement System by physician Per Henrik Ling.
The massage system reached the United States quite late, in the 20th century where several WWI patients were treated with massage.
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Massage in Today’s Time
Today the rising interest in natural healing has given rise to the popularity of massage therapy too. You can now make use of massage London venues and expert massage therapists to get a massage of your liking.

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