Considerations When Looking For The Best Pulse Oximeter

Selecting the best pulse oximeter can be confusing for the consumer. There is much diversity in the products that are on the market, including variations in the cost. With this in mind though; there are numerous considerations that the person may want to evaluate before choosing.

One of the most important things when it comes to any type of home medical equipment is the accuracy of the product. Therefore, when looking at brands and models this is one of the first things that several consumers may think about. While the reading may be slightly off, major discrepancies can be potentially dangerous.

Multiple aspects will play a role in the accuracy of this kind of product. One issue in particular is the location of use. Many are designed to be used on one of the fingers. If results are obtained from another area, they may be false. There are models that can be applied to the toes or even the ear though.

Using the product as intended is important when it comes to obtaining an accurate result. For example, fingernail polish on the nail or decreased blood flow to the area for whatever reason can render a false number. However, several of these devices are manufactured to be more sensitized to these needs. This can help eliminate some of these problems but the person should still refer to instructions.

Most pulse oximeters are battery operated. Some of the better models will usually alert the user to a low power source. Not only is this convenient, but can help eliminate obtaining a false reading due to a depleted battery. Some cannot be used until a new battery has been installed.

Getting an accurate result is crucial to finding the best pulse oximeter but is not the only consideration. There is a diversity of these products on the market. Ease-of-use, costs and the unique features of the product can play also play a role.

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