Decorate A Work From Home Area With The Following Suggestions

More and more of us are turning spare rooms into home office. When planning this change, ensure that you make it as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips.

Your desk will be your main furniture purchase. Get one as spacious as you can and also with storage. Your desk is your key to productivity.

When we see a desk we know it’s time to knuckle down and get some work done. It should have plenty of desktop space so there is room for a laptop or PC, phone and still space to write or check documents.

There are many office chairs available, and you need one that has the correct balance between comfort and support. The ergonomic chairs tick both these boxes.

A big, soft chair may seem like a great option, until you fall asleep at your desk and end up not getting any work done! A sturdy chair that keeps your back straight and protects your posture will keep you awake and alert an your mind focused on work.

As this is a working office environment, I would recommend a desktop PC. Don’t me wrong, I’m a great fan of laptops, but for everyday business a PC has a bigger screen, memory and enables you to open several browsers at once and is generally more proficient in a working environment.

Remember that although this is your place of work, it is also in your home and you are entitled to a couple of luxuries. Two I would recommend are the mini fridge and potted plants.

Potted plants give off oxygen which can help you to feel energized and alert. You will need to keep hydrated through the day to perform at your optimum level and get through your work quickly, so the fridge means you can grab a drink when you need it without having to go into your home and being distracted by pets, kids, etc.

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