Carpal Tunnel massage can Help Thousands of Sufferers

Most people don’t realize the significance of CTS, and how many people worldwide it affects. Did you know that as many as one million people that suffer from Carpal tunnel syndrome opt for surgery? CTS have been known to commonly strike thousands of people each year. The only major health related issue that strikes more Americans every year is lower back pain. However, because most people do not have the information needed to combat, or cure CTS before they get it, that number is going to continue to rise.

Most commonly affecting women, CTS strikes adults who work in occupations requiring repetitive hand movements, such as those who type on computer keyboards for long hours each day or who sew garments for a living or work on assembly lines. Others commonly affected by CTS include:

1. Meat packers 2. Massage therapist 3. Hair stylists 4. Guitar players 5. Postal clerks 6. Chefs

While some might think that you can only get CTS from putting strain on hands, forearms, and wrists is the only way to get CTS is wrong. Some health conditions and everyday things that you do can cause it to such as:

Cigarette smoking (decreases circulation) Diabetes Pregnancy Adverse effects of birth control pills Thyroid problems Obesity Arthritis

In many cases it has been known for people with CTS to have the worst pain at night time, causing you not to be able to sleep at night. People with serious cases of CTS lose the ability to grip simple objects as they experience loss in strength in the hands and wrists. Symptoms of CTS mostly include tingling, numbness, and pain in the wrist and hands.

Having the knowledge of how CTS starts can better help you to combat the condition and relieve the pain. CTS are caused when the Transverse carpal ligament gets tightened or strained, causing it to swell and put pressure on the median nerve. Because the median nerve is responsible for feeling and movement of the thumb, forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger when it becomes compressed it causes excruciating pain, tingling, and numbness. Carpal tunnel massage has been known to be an effective way to combat the pain and even cure CTS.

There are a lot of trained massage therapists that provide CTS massage therapy, or you may provide the massage therapy yourself. It has been known that if you massage at least 20 minutes a day, especially at bedtime, the effects of CTS can be significantly smaller. Following through with these daily massages for a period of 4-6 months can drastically reduce the pain and side effects of CTS. Self-massage is quite simple, in that you have to apply pressure to the forearm, particularly the flexor muscles, and massage in short strokes that last 2 to 3 seconds each, and relief from CTS is possible.

Carpal tunnel exercise stimulates circulation, and help to rebuild strength that has been lost in the arm, hand, and wrist areas. By performing regular massage on your wrists, and arms, and other CTS exercises daily, many previous sufferers have noted a drastic improvement in their level of pain, and some have even been cured of CTS. By performing Carpal Tunnel exercises that challenge the muscles in the arm and wrist by stretching, resisting, and strengthening, CTS has been know to be reduced. Make sure that you follow through with these exercises and try to take more breaks away from what you are doing to help reduce your pain.

Avoiding surgery in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome has become a major goal of both patient and doctor. Surgery is expensive, difficult to recover from and often ineffective. Tom Nicholson has discovered a series of unique massage, carpal tunnel exercises that can alleviate the pain and numbness associated with CTS. Click on the link to discover your path to pain-free hands and fingers.

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