Is it possible to have back pain relief or sciatica relief?

You may believe back pain relief or even sciatica relief is nearly impossible to occur. For most this may be true if you use techniques that only cover part of your problem. Long term relief is possible, there is a solution.

Back pain is caused by 3 main factors, there’s no difference in where your pain is, or how long you’ve had it. You will have muscular tension and weakened muscles, along with those you will also have poor joint movement. It is these three factors that create your pain and you must remove these to become pain free.

In our modern society, the internet is our source of help. You will find many web sites, both good and bad, offering you help with the pain you have. Anyone can write an eBook on how to stretch or exercise, some will follow this and even get relief with these.

You are only ever likely to get temporary relief if all you ever do is address only some of the issues causing your pain. Back pain relief must include at least the solution to these three issues above. To help your body heal and to help maintain a pain free state, it is ideal to add in other techniques that will help.

Sciatica relief also requires the same process. You shouldn’t believe that sciatica is some almost impossible to fix problem. Sciatica in fact, is caused by the very same issues mentioned above that cause all back pain.

With sciatica there is one change, there are certain muscles and joints that when out of balance will allow pain to radiate down your leg. Don’t worry this is still very easily corrected by addressing the same 3 issues.

You may be wondering, which techniques are best at removing these three issues?

Muscle tightness can be easily cured by stretching, but it is not knowing what to stretch that is important. It is the how to stretch and when to stretch, that is most important. Did you know that there are certain types of stretches that are more efficient at relieving back pain.

I expect you didn’t know that there are certain times in the day that stretching is more effective and faster at easing tension. Stretching at certain times of the day will actually allow the muscle to relax literally overnight.

You need to exercise muscles that appear weak, but you also must stimulate their nerve and blood supply too. Strength won’t occur no matter which exercise you use, if the nerve supply and blood supply are poor.

The final area is balancing your joints. With both back pain and sciatica, your pelvis is the most important area. The pelvis if out of balance allows the spine to twist and distort and throws the muscles out of balance too.

To get back pain relief and sciatica relief you must make sure your pelvis is aligned and balanced. If your pelvis is out of balance, the nerves surrounding your spine become irritated and pain develops both locally and referred, as in sciatica.

To receive lasting back pain relief, it is essential to address the 3 main issues mentioned above. Pain is likely to remain or relief only short lived if you fail to address these. Sciatica relief is also easy to attain by following these same three steps.

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