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Some human inventions go back thousands of years to a time when civilization hadn’t even started and we were more a collection of hunters and gatherers. The bow and arrow is one of the most primitive, but enduring, weapons in existence today. As warfare technologies grew and more deadly weapons were created, the use of a bow began to ebb, but it has always held a place of reverence in a variety of cultures. Today, there are those who are attracted to this weapon and, when looking for the right brand to purchase, look no further than Pape’s archery equipment.

While not as widespread in use and enjoyment like the gun, the people who use bows and arrows are a passionate and committed bunch. More and more hunters are being exposed to this option when out hunting for game.

This is because the weapon is so tactile and notoriously difficult to master. There are certain hunters, not all, that strive to challenge themselves as a way to push their limits and connect to our ancestors. Going out for big game usually involves the use of high powered rifles, but if you were to take down something like an elk with nothing but a bow and arrow, the respect of the hunting community will be stratospheric.

That’s not to say that there is a boom in archers going out into the field, no, these men and women are a breed apart. For the majority of individuals who get into this sport, it is for recreational purposes and, akin to taking on something like martial arts, this sport demands a dedicated athleticism.

Getting into this field can be confusing when you’re confronted with the varieties of bows on the market. Indeed, they can run the gamut from the simplest construction to something more mechanically inclined like the crossbow.

This is where talking with professionals is the best thing you can do. The men and women at Pape’s can talk to you about your level of skill and where you want to get in the future, along with information like your size, gender, and strength to recommend the right model for your needs. Physical activities can be incredibly beneficial to a person’s overall mental state, but not everyone is content to wile away their time on a treadmill. For these outliers, archery may be the sport they’ve been waiting for. Read more about: papes archery equipment

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