Know Tips On How To Repair Rot And Decay On Wooden Windows

Moisture is an important factor when it comes to the rot and or decay of wooden windows. Temperature is another one. Knowing how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows early can bring significant cost savings as it will prevent you having you replace the frame. It is quite easy too.

Over time wooden window frames can decay quite fast as the spores of fungi can attack a damaged part in the wood. These spores will send their filaments deep into the wood; they will multiply quite fast under the right conditions and then extract the moisture from the wood. The result will be that the wood will dry out and shrink thus causing major structural damage to the frame.

You can eliminate these conditions by making sure that there is no moisture coming into contact with the wooden window frames. The window sills and shutters should also be dry. Make sure you damp proof the external walls so that moisture does not penetrate through to the window frames.

It is important to look for a change in color of the wood, for example rusty red dust in an area where there is a wood is a sure sign of rot. Also look for cracks or other signs of damage. If you see these types of things it is important to act quickly,

If any of these signs are visible, the wood is in danger. It is time to tackle the problem as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. For this battle you will use borate or a fungicide and an epoxy resin. A first step to take before you begin treatment is to ensure that the area is well ventilated.

If you have a larger area of wood that has been affected you can apply a fungicide or borate to actually kill the rot, this will only work in dry areas, any water or moisture will wash it away. When performing preventative measures such as these it is important to improve the ventilation in the area to ensure that a similar problem does not happen again.

There are many ways to treat this problem the secret is to know how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows. This method is one of many. The underlying suggestion that they all have in common is that prevention of the problem is a lot less costly and easier to maintain.

Sash windows continue to be an functional way to provide air flow in your residence. Renovate wooden windows easily when you use professional technicians.

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