Spiritual Life Coaching – Flowering of the Crown Chakra

Is Kundalini awakening the same as Self Realization? Well, it depends. It does rapidly accelerate the initiate’s evolutionary journey but not everyone who receives a Kundalini arousal becomes instantly enlightened. If and when the Kundalini activates the crown chakra will determine whether or not the initiate becomes one with the divine.

You cannot evolve until you understand the nature of the Self. Self realization can be experienced during a Kundalini activation when the prana shakti successfully makes its way all the way to the top of the head and unfolds the crown chakra situated there. This flowering of the “thousand-pedaled lotus” is the indicator that it is time for the ego to temporarily dissolve so that the initiate may become one with the All.

For me, it all happened spontaneously and without warning. Literally overnight I became consumed by the Kundalini fire and really had no say into what it intended to do, and what it intended to show me. The opening up of the crown chakra was an experience of Oneness with the Source of All that I had all those years ago. But as powerful and life-altering as that experience was, it wasn’t until seven years later that I was able to finally let go of the pre-conceived concept of “self.” A lifetime of pre-conditioning and false programming had to be unlearned. It also took me many years to discover what exactly had happened to me. Had I gone crazy? Was I delusional? It all happened suddenly and spontaneously.

During my Kundalini activation, when I was in public, my consciousness became linked to everyone in my immediate vicinity and I became connected with them at the level of the Source. It was here where I became One with the All, which of course, included everyone around me. My awareness pervaded everything that was happening around me and beyond me. During those special moments I felt as if I had merged into the Cosmic Ocean of Oneness with life. What remained was only the Self. All feelings of fear, separation, and loneliness had completely dissolved. I was well aware that I had no beginning and no end.

When I was writing the memoir of it all afterwards, I had a very difficult time putting it all into words because ultimately, words fall short of the experience. I could write an entire book on those sacred moments of my life that occurred over a decade ago, but it would still fail to describe the feeling of being One with every One. In order to fully comprehend it, it is something that you’ll just have to experience for your Self.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a Spiritual Life Coach and the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company dedicated to teaching Self Realization to the masses. His Spiritual Life Coaching program uniquely synthesizes spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, holistic wellness, life path astro-analysis, shadow & pain-body work, heart-based intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.

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