Growing Elevate Church: The Usefulness Of Social Media Tools

Gifts from heaven above are amazing things that God has gracefully given his children without us even asking, one of which is the gift of technology. It is now much easier to save the lost no matter how far they are because of the power of social media. According to an article from Internet Evangelism Day, the church can make the use of social media in realizing its purpose.

Evangelism, counseling and other church-related activities are founded on relationships, hence the use of social media is such a helpful tool. It says there that there is an obvious difference between the traditional understanding of one-way evangelism and the “withreach”approach that uses relationships.

Don’t try to use social media as a ‘pulpit for preaching’, or as a one-way publicity tool. The foundational key is to perceive it as a ‘cafe for conversation’.

Social Media has a wide variety of tools to use in promoting something good in the community. In the same Internet Evangelism Day article, it highlights the essence of social media by the Church.

The best way to understand the different social media tools is to use them and observe the etiquette and procedures that others employ.

Church Use of Social Media

The use of social media would differ significantly in terms of personal and church use. Whatever is shown under the church’s name and profile would basically talk about the fellowship. On the other hand, personal use of social media would mean more on the person and his or her family, friends and loved ones. Here are some points to consider:

A lot of churches and its ministries make the most of social media especially the young people of the church. This is really helpful but there should be a distinguishing factor that separates it from internal communication among young people and reaching out to the rest of the community. The internet has many users but the audience profile is so vast, you will not have a defined audience to target and there is no ‘trickle-down effect’. This means that whatever you talk about within the youth group does not necessarily mean it is being liked and appreciated by the other people. Why should they be interested, anyway? Do you follow or perhaps press the ‘like’ button if you are not interested at all? Well, that can be absurd.

The Web is not a broadcast medium. Each user is highly selective, and only views material they choose. This can, of course, include randomly-found unexpected eye-catching material on topics that interest them.

The harvest is plenty yet the laborers are few. Building a good grasp and knowledge on the use of social media tools and its role in the churchcan make a difference in a staggering church growth!

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