Shopping Right Can Help You to Lose Weight

Not only is walking a good aerobic activity but shopping right can also help you to lose weight. The items that you purchase when grocery shopping are the very items you end up eating right? If you buy foods high in fat and sugar you won’t be doing your diet or your body any favors. If you want to maintain that healthy diet once you get home, you will have to do some advance planning before you arrive at the grocery store so the foods you buy won’t undo your diet but instead will help you lose weight.

The first step to shopping right is to plan your menus so that the items on your shopping list won’t sabotage your diet and make sure that all the items in your shopping cart are only the items on your list. Absolutely no impulse buying while at the store. Buy only what is on your list. As long as the list contains only the food items that are allowable on your diet you can’t go wrong, or can you?

You must wisely plan your menus so the items on the list are healthy foods. It is not enough to know which food items are OK to buy such as bread and cereal, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish and poultry, you must also know which kinds of these foods to purchase in each of these food categories. An example is bread and cereal, instead of buying just any old bread or cereal buy whole wheat or high fiber bread and cereal and instead of any cut of meat buy lean meats.

Go for the grilled fish, baked chicken instead of fried and forget the bacon and spareribs.

Never, ever shop while you are hungry, it is the toll of doom for your shopping list. Have a healthy snack before leaving for the store so that you won’t get the stomach grumbles that will tempt you to buy foods that are not on your list.

Go for portion control packaging if at all possible buying in bulk may save you money but will also give you way too much food that will only end up tempting you to eat more than you should once you get the food home.

Do you shop using coupons? Even though these look like they can save you money, ever notice how they are usually for the food items that are the most fattening or that contain sugar? They also encourage you to buy more than one of an item, which means more food at home to eat. Use non-food coupons to save money but leave the food coupons uncut and your diet will thank you.

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