Advanced Muscle Building Workout Program – Day 1 of Day 3

Discover How To Build Muscle Right Now at Old School Muscle Building Workout Program – Day 1 of Day 3 Here Are The 5 WORST Things you Can Do If You Want To Build Muscle & Get A World Class Body 1. Almost all bodybuilding supplements DON’T WORK and are a complete joke and only make a 5% difference ASSUMING your diet and training plan are in order. In just a second, I’ll give you a nutritional advantage and tell you exactly what does work. 2. Traditional …

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  1. intake of fats and carbohydrates go up and lower protein… raise calorie intake by double.. derp

  2. you should be hitting the weights asap.. doing weights burns heaps of calories. and also builds muscle, which gives the illusion of less fat..
    also, having more muscle requires generally consuming more calories throughout the day, therefore making diet easier if you’re monitiring calorie intake.

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    тαy׀or тαpё {..} ςoм

  4. hiimchase says:

    running or pretty much any cardio (and eating right of course)

  5. doctoralissa123 says:

    Always inspiring the people V. Keep it going bro!

  6. 1gudspliff says:


  7. How do you get your body fat% down?

  8. RappeRdeVi1 says:

    he talk so morons like u could understand how to do this kind of exercises corectly.

  9. macuser5555 says:

    Vince is my favorite!! He looks a lot slimmer here, it did him justice. Go Vinnie!!

  10. TheRunner217 says:

    yeah, i agree. but black is slimming lol. or maybe he’s in his crazy stage of the year

  11. mattyoung92 says:

    vince looks like hes leaned up abit more

  12. imherelol says:

    lol did u said Mr O lmao

  13. XxJiMBiZxX says:

    only one exercise on chest??? i dono about that…

  14. Evan Bourne???

  15. themondoshow says:

    ur a beast vince.
    the workout was pretty hard btw.
    i got to set 6 before i had to lower weight

  16. sweetspeed21 says:

    Dude your great thanks!!

  17. I love these types of videos. I’m in the process of getting in shape. I wont really start lifting weights until I get the rest of the excess weight off.

    And it looks like you’ve toned up since the last few vids good job ;o)

  18. novice8814 says:

    Great haircut. And a full head of hair!

  19. hey r u gunna be mr O ?

  20. VinceDelMonte says:

    What’s wrong with my haircut ? 🙂 My Mom likes it.

  21. rokorn007 says:

    its called rewind then man. haha

  22. rastamuar says:

    Esta geniales estos videos

  23. a new haircut vince xD

  24. harrycool69 says:

    do you think you have heard of volume training ??

  25. classic over training programme. Do u think he’s herd of over training atrophy ?? every body look up mike mentzor recovery seminar

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