If you are anorexic and lose muscle mass, can you gain it back?

Also, how does the anorexic loses the muscle mass?
which muscles are faster to fade?

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  1. you can gain it back, the only problem is you have to consume a lot of food, especially protein. if you are not getting enough nutrients your body begins to "eat" and burn muscle instead of burning fat. the muscles that will fade the fastest are the ones that were gained most recently sine they are not as natural if you’re working out. (ex: if you lift weights and added inches to your biceps that werent there before you start to lift, those would be less natural and would fade first.)

  2. dark eyes says:

    Not if you continue to be anorexic. If you’re not putting nourishment into your body, your body will use the stored fat for survival, and once the stored fat is gone, it starts breaking down the muscle, as nourishment.

    Where the muscles fade faster depends on the individual…just like people lose weight in different areas, than others, or gain in different areas than others.

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