3 tips That Help Burn Body Fat Now

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Need some help to burn body fat? Have you tried hard, but failed at trying to burn off some body fat? Perhaps you’re not doing the right things that help burn body fat. Below are 3 tips that can help you burn fat away, and keep the fat off.

Fat Burn Tip #1: Eat 4 to 5 smaller meals each day at a minimum, and never skip meals. If you were eating only one or two very large meals each day, your body learns to deal with this type of eating by slowing down its metabolism. It knows its not getting any more food for the day, so it stores the calories you consume, and slows down metabolism to reduce the burn rate on these calories. However, by eating 5 meals a day, you will be eating every 3 hours or so, keeping a constant flow of nutrition and energy to your body. When this happens, you body naturally knows it will get a constant supply of calories, and increases its metabolism.

Fat Burn Tip #2: Eat foods that burn fat, and avoid eating foods that make you fat. Avoid eating fattening foods high in saturated fats, these types of foods not only make you fat, but they also increase your cholesterol levels, increasing your chances heart related problems. There are certain foods that can help you burn fat. Negative calorie foods include a variety of vegetables and fruits help to burn body fat. These foods provide little calories to your body, and your body expends more calories to process and digest these foods – hence “negative calorie foods.”

Fat Burn Tip #3: Don’t fall into the trap of performing hour long, moderate or slow paced cardio, hoping that this would help burn body fat. It doesn’t. While the cardio exercise burn extra calories, you stop burning those extra calories once you step off the cardio machine. Your cardio training should be relatively short, but should be performed at a very high intensity.

Although you burn less calories during the short cardio sessions, these short, but intense cardio training methods have been found to help increase your metabolism, which helps to burn body fat even when you’re not working out. Interval training is gaining increased popularity for cardio workouts, where you perform one interval using very high intensity, and follow that with a brief interval of moderate pace cardio. By performing interval training, you are able to achieve a higher level of intensity compared to if you were to try to maintain a high level of intensity throughout the entire cardio session.

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