Weight Loss Secret: The Thyroid Temperature Test

www.undergroundwellness.com Always cold? Having trouble losing weight? Take this easy test to determine your thyroid function. Tune in next time to learn about how iodine deficiency can cause hypothroid symptoms like Weight Gain Persistent Cold Temperature Reduced Immunity Brittle Hair and Nails Dry Skin Hair Loss Contact sean@undergroundwellness.com for your FREE consultation!

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  1. my intestines threw off hormones- i was swelling…i never knew that the stomach was so responsible for homrmones..thanks for making these videos..

  2. Very Informative, Can you overdose on Iodine if you start taking it? and how much do you take? Where can I buy this? Thanks 🙂

  3. All you said is very good and true. One way to help the thyroid is to paint iodine on the body &/or take Iodoral or Lugol’s. This not only helps with weight loss but leads to detox from mercury. Iodine is no longer in milk or bread & fruits, salt doesn’t always have it, & veggies are sprayed with chemicals that deplete iodine. That is why there is a big increase in breast cancer & much other that is bad. I’m hypothyroid & Armour kept me around 96-97 degrees. W/Iodine I’m at 98.0 today!

  4. well in the description he mentions iodine deficiency..

    You know what my favorite iodine rich food is? SEAWEEED! 😀 like Nori and wakame.

  5. no wonder why i’m not losing weight even though i exercise until i feel dizzy – (lol)
    when i get sick, i would go to hospital and measure my temperature and it would be lyk 35″C…;;normal is 37″C and i’m sick man!!!!!!! there is definitely something wrong with me! now, how do u solve that problem?

  6. Pleasure to watch as always!

    Going to order one of your T-shirt and sport it out round the UK for you!


  7. Hi sir. So far, I take one adrenal capsule a day, and it has taken a lot of my hunger away, and given me a more steady energy. One downside is that when I don’t take a pill after about 24 hours, I feel really weak.
    Thanks for talking about this. I think it has really helped me. I have hope now of losing weight and not feeling tired all the time. 🙂

    I talk about the capsules at the beginning of your video, it has the ingredient list. 🙂

  8. This is what I like to see! Can you upload more of these kinds? =) I’m tired of seeing all the other nonsense stuff on youtube. haha!

  9. It might be old but it’s stupid as hell. No idea why they use it. Same as the imperial system. Stupid, impratical and outdated. Their scientists don’t even use it

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