The Goddess is Crying: Weight Loss for Young Girls more videos playlists: The Goddess is Crying. And a Goddess crying is not a good thing for the world. Girls are Goddesses and they are crying for being over weight. This is a karma that is not easy to overcome but there is a spiritual and astrological solution. How to lose weight Name: Dattatreya Siva Baba http MySpace

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  1. msscience says:

    thank you for this video

  2. meenamulloy says:

    very compassionate and hopeful message in addressing the pain of being overweight

  3. creolelatte says:

    This is truly the milk of divine kindness, healing is so far beyond what I would have “thought” possible.

    Appreciate so much you’re tender and compassionate caring…and praises to the lovely people who support you in reaching out to global mind. Namaste

  4. thank you for helping me and others

  5. karunaray says:

    excellent. i hope Datta also addresses anorexia & bulimia. the full-bodied & healthy goddess is misunderstood & many would benefit from aspiring to it.

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