Why You Should Not Ignore The Benefits Of Resistance Training

Your overall fitness program can be complemented very nicely by adding a resistance training component. This may be weight lifting with free weights, strength training machines or any number of exercises done without any equipment at all. By doing resistance training, you can gain many benefits whether you are elderly or young. In this article we’ll be looking at some good reasons to begin doing this kind of exercise, if you haven’t started already.

This type of exercise, when done properly, can give you optimal results as long as they are done correctly. While weight lifting and other resistance exercises aren’t dangerous if you know how to use the equipment, if you’re not experienced you should get some guidance. For simple exercises that require nothing but your own body, you can use a book or perhaps an online video. If you’re going to be using weights or machines, however, it’s best to start out with a trainer to make sure you’re getting off to a good start. You wouldn’t want to start off with too much weight, for example, or set up the machine at a height that’s wrong for you, so get the advice of the trainers who are on the staff of your fitness club.

These are a perfect complement to your current workout goals and routines. When trying to tone your midsection, you could use a lighter weights and a higher degree of repetitions to achieve your goals. By doing strength training, you can focus upon muscle groups that you want to build.

You will find yourself sleeping much more easily because your head will be clear and your stress be much lower. Another benefit is feeling more confident because of your increased physical strength. By continuing to exercise, you will receive both physical and emotional benefits from your workouts.

While both aerobic exercise and resistance training can be effective for burning fat, the latter has an important benefit that the former doesn’t. Using the post workout calorie burn you can accomplish what cardio does with resistance exercise. What this entails is doing a vigorous anaerobic exercise that works your muscles enough to require recovery time. Similar to the effect that occurs after lifting regular weights, this exercise will cause your body to burn calories for up to 48 hours after the workout very efficiently. Though it will only last for a few hours, doing cardio exercises can cause a similar effect.

The benefits of doing resistance training are numerous and should motivate anyone to begin this type of routine as soon as they can. The fear of gaining too much muscle, or becoming slow and clumsy, are among the many false myths that surround this workout routine. The next thing you need to do is begin your own resistance training program to make yourself healthier and stronger.

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