Anabolic Steroids – A Serious Conversation Regarding the Countless Types Available

In the decades that anabolic steroids have been used, their reputation has been tarnished – justifiably. It is not surprising that the after-effect of the use of these steroids can be both dangerous and can even lead to death. It is to your advantage to learn the diverseness of this class of steroids. The treatment of different illnesses can be accomplished by other groups of steroids specific to the health industry. Repeatedly, in critical situations such as with acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) steroids have been very useful. Medical and scientific research continues to work toward a deeper understanding of steroids.

Depending on the configuration of the anabolic steroids someone uses, it is important that they understand that each “design” of anabolic steroid causes a different reaction in the body. They must know, precisely, what the particular steroid they are using will do. Although the main goal of anabolic steroids is their anabolic effect upon the body, the androgenic effect is always present. The “recipe” of the chemicals used to synthesis a particular anabolic steroid is where the proportion of the chemicals is determined. This is also where it will be decided whether a particular anabolic steroid is more, or less, anabolic. Users of anabolic steroids prefer the chemical action of their steroid to have a greater anabolic reaction in their body, rather than an androgenic effect.

For most users, we are talking about building muscle tissue plus other desirable outcomes. Adults, both men and women, do not want androgenic action in their steroids. In a perfect world, anabolic steroids would not have any chemicals that would produce the androgenic effect. Much research has been done, and continues, to create an anabolic steroid without androgenic characteristics, but to date this goal has been unachievable.

A trait of oral anabolic steroids is the short amount of time they take to get into the system and do their work. One user-friendly benefit of the oral form of anabolic steroids is that the traces of the drug in the user’s system leave much more quickly than if they had injected the steroid into their muscle. However, it is well known that in the higher hierarchy of the sports world, athletes use both the intramuscular injection and the pill form of anabolic steroids.

Another reason taking anabolic steroids by pill is so popular is the fact that they enter the body quickly. One more positive advantage, only to the user, is the oral variety will leave the system much faster than the injection-based steroids. High ranking athletes, nevertheless, are reputed to use the anabolic steroids in both their injectable form and oral form, at the same time.

Deca Durabolin is the commercial name for the steroid known as Nandrolone Decanoate. Deca is the “street” name for Nandrolone Decanoate and other similar steroids. The adverse effects of the Deca steroids are not reported as being dangerous. However, bodybuilders will not obtain the amazing muscle mass increases they prefer when they use Deca instead of other steroids. Performance enhancement is not one of the strong feature an athlete will find by use Deca. While athletes might not find Deca that useful, HIV patients get good results by using it to retain their weight. And because Deca has milder adverse effects, this is a good choice for HIV patients. One negative result of taking Deca, that it is wise to not overlook, is the fact that it has a slight androgenic effect if taken in large enough quantities. One must look back to the Twentieth Century to discover the variety of steroids as they were developed and their history. One astonishing fact is that the use of steroids can be traced through records to ancient Greece. All the same, continued underground research, nonetheless, increases and refines the information we have gathered throughout the years. It is for this reason that there are now countless types of steroids, each uniquely designed to serve a different purpose. All the same, results developed on paper don’t always translate to successful products as many developers of steroids found out when their product was field or clinical tested.

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