Common Mistakes in Acne Treatments

Acne outbreak is really a problem to many of you as it affects your appearance and confidence. There are many different ways for curing of acne outbreak, but you may find them not effective. Such ineffectiveness may be associated to your wrong concepts on the curing methods. You should read the following information if you acne outbreak is a continuous problem for you.

Quite a lot of people think their acne outbreak is caused by hormonal disorder. Actually, hormonal disorder is not the most common cause for acne outbreak, especially for those at their puberty. It is unlikely that young people have hormonal disorder but is more common for those at their menopause. Likewise, the increase in Androgen may not be a reason for acne outbreak.

If you are taking hormonal treatment, you may find the effect to acne outbreak is not long lasting. That means you may have acne outbreak frequently. This can be true because hormonal treatment may not be a specific solution to your acne outbreak which is caused by clogged pores and excessive sebum secretion. While the effect of hormonal treatment comes from its inflammation reducing ability on the follicles, hormonal treatment does not deal with the underlying problems.

Taking antibiotics is a possible and common way for acne treatment. It can be dangerous especially if it is not advised by a doctor. Antibiotics are quickly effective in curing acne by killing the acne causing bacteria. It is likely to have noticeable improvement in 3 to 5 days. But, it is not a permanent or long lasting method as skin is always exposure to such bacteria. In addition, once the bacteria adapt to such antibiotics, such antibiotics may not be effective anymore.

People with acne outbreak may wash their faces more frequently in order to keep them clean. In fact, the main cause of acne outbreak may not be an unclean face but the thick horny layer which clogs your pores. Washing your face too frequently may remove too much natural sebum and your brain may send a message to the sebaceous glands for even more sebum secretion.

Finally, I have heard from people having acne outbreak and hoping to cure such outbreak with UV radiations or sunlight. Though it is believed that UV radiations can kill bacteria, it may not be an effective way to kill the acne causing bacteria. On the other hand, you may have a lot of skin problems like dryness, fine lines and damaged follicular walls resulted.

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