How do I increase my muscle mass in the arms and legs within 6 months?

Hi, I’m a male aged 19 yrs old and I am approximately 6Ft tall, I weight about 74kgs and I used to be very fit; regularly participating in athletics and sports at school but nowadays I’ve become lazier- how do I increase my muscle mass within 6 months to have a more muscly figure. Does anyone have a set regime to help me?

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  1. start weightlifting with heavy weight( heavier that what u can easily pick up)
    follow this schedule
    m: biceps legs abs
    t: cardio
    w chest shoulder abs
    th: cardio
    f: back triceps abs

    increase your protien intake
    do give proper rest to your muscles
    increase yout water inkate

  2. start out doing 3-4 sets of whatever you can do 6-8 times in these lifts for your upper body

    Bench Press
    Hammer Curls
    Incline Curls
    EZ Bar 21’s
    Incline Curl
    Tricep Extensions
    Maybe some DB bench press and incline
    Incline bench press

    You might want to split those up into two seperate workouts. Do those 4 sets 6-8 reps until your comfortable with them. Then maybe move to 4sets of 4-6 reps with heavier weight. Hopefully after a couple weeks you’ll be able to do that weight 8 times at least. Then go to a heavier weight and start out with the 4 set 4-6 rep theory. Repeat

    Same things with the legs. But here are some exercises you can do
    Run Stairs (not exactly a set/rep exercise. Just do it til your tired)
    Calf Raises
    Leg Curls.

    Hope this helped!

  3. PutaHaere says:

    For 6 foot and at 74 KGs your not very big at all.

    I would suggest Protein Ripped Shakes always before you do weights.
    Split your days though as your muscles need the break between training, As a example Monday do legs always lift something that you can lift but by the end of your Reps you a struggling I would say do three reps of 15 and take your weights up and challenge yourself as much as you can, Make sure you have the correct technique make sure that between each reps the break is only for 30sec not any longer then this.
    Tuesday Upper Body and then Wednesday Abs and High cardio for the rest of the week. Join a gym and they can also do a program for you, Good Luck

  4. Well you should start lifting weights and what i do is 3 sets and 10 reps. Lifting weights fast, tones the muscle and lifting them slowly makes the muscle bigger and with more mass. so i do one fast one slow one fast and i get pretty big, toned arms.

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