Weight Loss Tips For Teens and College Students

Are you a college student, high school student, or teen whom is having trouble with their weight? Do you need to lose weight? Have you tried diets that don’t work? studentdotcom and kooljeffrey have teamed up to get you started on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Start smoking! Subscribe to: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com If you are a student, please visit Student.com at www.student.com

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  1. yeah mariuhana to;O you guys should try it

  2. pyrzzlewick says:

    I’ve heard heroin works like a charm, too.

  3. studentdotcom says:

    Don’t you remember that we took over your kitchen, Cathryn? 🙂

  4. CathrynMcCoy says:

    OMG! Where was this video made? It looks exactly like my old kitchen!

  5. Cookie349 says:

    wow hahaha mu hahahahahahahaaa lol wtf is with dis snitzel lol shit**

  6. candylipz911 says:

    roooffll , thats some funny shit right there .

  7. MrLaufer777 says:

    lol funny stuff, but he’s right. you won’t have weight problems but over time you might develop a condition called> coughing your motherfucking lungs out. I’m craving for a cigarette as I write this and the last thing on my mind is breakfast!

  8. what the hell..my mom started smoken when she was 18 she 50 somthing now im not sure,, (plz people dont smoke ull end up in the hospital (breathing problems and a whole bunch of other stuff.) dude i laught a lil bit in this vido but ur not gonna stop eatiing from smoking ull keep eating.. all ull do from smoking is killing ur self..make a new vi bout somthing else and not smoking or ull end up dead from not breating..

  9. 85perezfey says:


  10. xleilanisaurusx says:

    lmao nice.

  11. bopfishiebop says:

    . . . This is called a COMEDY.

  12. rushthroughme says:

    that wasnt really funny…

  13. sexygirl93haterskole says:

    what? O.o
    I ask you the same as jbfan501……

  14. kisslongtong says:

    ok… guys the next dumbass… who says.. oh wooooww your gay… it is suppose to be funny,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thats why the channel is a comedy thing most of their videos are comedy so stfu… dicks..

  15. lawyaarhuncha says:

    Mann!!! the way he talks in actions are hilarious

  16. prologue00 says:

    he’s hilarious!

  17. prologue00 says:

    this has to be a joke. please tell me it’s a joke. people stupid enough to take this seriously almost deserve cancer =/

  18. lol thats so funny

  19. SaintLyddi says:

    do you realy think smoking is the only way to lose weight? this guy is given bad advice out world wide and im surprised some people are stupid enought to take it.

  20. you gotta be kiddin…

  21. Please…. stop with the infommercial from the anorexic boy!

  22. are you serious??

  23. kevNchris445 says:

    i dont get it… i keep choking on the smoke.. anyone have any tips on getting it down?? plz i wanna lose weight bad..

  24. adamshortguy says:

    hahahahahahahaha jooookes. the hate mail makes me laugh. as does the vid. 😀

  25. hoponthetacotrain says:

    they are obviously joking. anyone with any intelligence whatsoever could see that.

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