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  1. kibadoggy4eva says:

    aww^^ ur gorgeous =]xxx goodluck ^^xx

  2. Cammster101 says:

    Girl U just ROCK !!

  3. emmawozere2006 says:

    Your booty is freaking amazing.
    i do reverse lunges for half an hour every night for a butt like this one. =/
    SO JEALOUS lol.

  4. pologeo17 says:

    mmmmhmmmmmm mmmm

  5. blackpunk190 says:

    CONGRATS 2 U! That’s truly inspiring…that you reached your goal. I can’t imagine how it feels. I’ve struggled all my life with my weight. My goal right now is 100 lbs, but I’m taking one day at a time and counting each day as a blessing. Thank you for sharing your success! Cheers!

  6. FAMOUSONE1910 says:

    thatsa crazyyyyy how you lost it. i just saw the recent weigh in vdeo, and now im watching this one, im so amazed……you look like a tottaly different person you must be sooo proud of yourself!

  7. roderick3400 says:

    alot of women say they need to lose weight, but don’t realize they R beautiful as is. I rather 2 B wit a woman thats alittle big, then to B wit some woman that skin and bones, looking like they got that shit…

  8. u look like u just had a baby though……i weigh more than u and i have no kids.

  9. lol you rock…congrats and good luck

  10. girl I feel you, my belly is the same way i just had a baby, trying hard as hell to lose the weight.

  11. BCoriginal1 says:

    Goodness gracious. When you said backshot I nearly blacked out. My god what a hot body.

  12. fortheloveofLDS says:

    ‘No sexiness here.’
    Heh heh. You’re doing a great job, girl. I love your attitude. ^^

  13. SofieDosie says:

    lmao- the wedgie haha

  14. awaywiththefairies16 says:

    its good your sharing cos so many of us feel exactly the same!

  15. caritajo1 says:

    omg! My body does the same thing, what to do, what to do

  16. ima69bish says:

    Ur vids are inspiring i just havent got the motivation n i hate getting out bed to go gym anymore, but i keep buying bigger size clothes then i get mad as i think im unattractive, dont know why im sharing this to youtubers but im so frustrated right now.

  17. ima69bish says:

    I was in denial about my size till i watched a few of ur vids, im 5’5 as well n weigh 176 n i kept telling myself i aint big but i know i am as people keep asking if im pregnant….it all goes to my gut!! I lost weight so many times before never maintained tho now its getting the best of me n im real depressed.

  18. you’re such an inspiration! i’ve added you as a friend and begun making my own “watch me shrink” videos. 🙂

  19. Stylishgal12 says:

    is you lose weight you will lose your breats and bum and trust me you wont want tolose them 🙂

  20. fattygurlgone2slim says:

    You are doing really good and you are one of my inspirations. And you have the cheeriest(is that even a word) personality. Its awesome!

  21. thank you for posting this..let me know what you did, because I’ve decided a few weeks ago to get started, and I’ve received my order of workout DVDs…I’m eating a little healthier, but I’ve got a looong way to go…I went from 140(size 110-111) to185(size 16) in 3.5 yrs…I want to get back 2 my high school size, 10(about 120-130lbs.) Help me out, sister!!! Much love Peace

  22. really skinny is not healthy.

  23. cupcake487 says:

    i think if you put your mind to it you’ll be really skinny (KEEP GOING YOUR DOING GREAT!)

  24. mgipson78 says:

    Okay…you have officially inspired my to post a video response. I start my first meeting on Mar 18, 2009 at work. You stats are so close to mine, that I almost died from laughter and tears to find someone who reminds me of me. This was a great first video and I congrat you on your success.

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