Weight Loss Secret: Stress and Your Thyroid

Got thyroid problems? Symptoms may include: * Intolerance to cold * Always cold * Weight gain * Lethargy * Dry skin * Slow speech * Swelling of eyelids * Thick tongue * Impaired memory * Constipation * Much more… Stress may be the ROOT CAUSE of your hypothyroid condition. Have your adrenal glands assessed via saliva testing. For more info: undergroundwellness.com Contact [email protected] for your FREE consultation. www.undergroundwellness.com

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  1. rsnevada1 says:

    I love how you explained this. Thank you!

  2. BLACDIAMONZ4U says:

    thank you

  3. PlatnumEyez says:

    lol just sayin

  4. creamnice says:


  5. creamnice says:


  6. PlatnumEyez says:

    Man, my thyroid was messed up!! My body temp was like reallly cold!

  7. pudntain123 says:

    My question is how do I grow my thyroid back after the idiots burned it out. Can I be cloned for a new thyroid.? That’s the only thing i can see.

  8. skewSKEWskew says:

    ya, hyperthyroidism would more likely cause weight loss, and your medication would slow things down to a normal level. i would consider your mood- are you feeling depressed? also, you could be on too high of a dosage, so check up on that.

  9. frankeecook says:

    went to the doctor after doing research about mercury fellings because i thought this had something to do with it.tested thyroid,im hypo,now im on a pill.want to know can i reverse this and get my thyroid healthy again and get off this damn pill? can u tell me what i should do to help nurse my thyroid back to health.? the doc says i have to take this forever.just ushered me in and out never explaining to me what causes this and why after asking him.ugh!!! so fustrating

  10. frankeecook says:

    I think i love you.thank you for explaining this.i was diagnosed with hypo last nov.been an athlete all my life and all of a sudden,started gaining weight.i have very long think hair and i was noticing that it was shedding way much.

  11. unfortunately it was the medication that made you gain even more weight. You need to eat more than what you are probably eating right now, and keep a good balance of carbs which give you energy, and proteins and fats which help you feel full. When you eat too little, your thyroid will slow down, and that is what is causing your weight gain. Also, make sure you work out with great intensity.

  12. Calm down. Someone having money is just like you, but even more stressed. You talk about “the rich” like they were Martians.

  13. trouble I have is hyperthyroid with weight gain, after taking meds and feeling better I have even more wieght gain, and its driving me nuts. Doctor warned me but there isnothing they seem to be able to do. I go to the gym every day watch what I eat but I am almost starving myself, have low energy and not able to lose the weight. Is there nothing the doc can do.

  14. winiver77 says:

    Thanks for that – started taking em again bit by bit – yeah your right – its ok now!

  15. Winiver, your doc should have phased in the meds gradually. Try taking just one quarter pill for a week or two, and then (cautiously) build up to half…then 3 quarters. Build up to the full strength dose over 6 – 8 weeks and this should minimize most side effects. You can get a pill splitter gadget from a pharmacy to cut the tabs up more easily.

  16. shoegalsho says:

    Me to!!! I’ve lost 6 inches off my hips since I became level yet on the scales I’m still gaining weight!!! Can someone PLEASE HELP!

  17. i hvae thyroid and iam now taking synthroid 150mcg and iam gaining weight tried pills to lose weight and i see no difference what can i do to lose weight. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  18. i think what causes stress is the shit jobs that 95% of americans have to do and deal with on a day to day basis to keep the dumbed down average people and the economy going and the country peaking and the rich bastards richer!! its always been like this until there is another uprising where everyone flips out and raids and trashes this rich fuckers homes and work places

  19. dadominate says:

    physicians aren’t dumb, but most have next to no training in nutrition whatsoever and very little emphasis on prevention practices related to lifestyle whatsoever. if it can’t be fixed with a drug – and basically nothing can – don’t expect physicians to be of much help in keeping you healthy.

  20. Doctors aren’t dumb. If 90% of people aren’t being helped with their diagnosis they wouldn’t diagnose them that way. Show some proof.

  21. yopersonaltraina says:

    this hits all the points about combat for military personnel. There are not many occupations that deal with the severe ebb and flow stress. I’ve been concerned with the adverse effects of combat on our soldiers. Many are on their third and fourth deployments.

  22. winiver77 says:

    Just came across yr video – it is damm amazing!!. Got hypothyroid, doctor gave me drug levothyroxine. its the third day feel like am dying – its made me sick with my heart racing away 3 times faster with massive headaches. family advised me to stop taking pills. I probably will – what to do instead? – dont know. I need something urgently – because have too much weight!! I definitely agree with the stress factor though; because i been depressed for at least 3 years…..

  23. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  24. kirrabeachbum says:

    Not sure if you can answer this but no one else can! Last May I started drinking soymilk, but quite a bit — two cartons of silk per day! This was on a Sunday, and by Wednesday something caused my speaking fluidity to fumble. I continued on that soy kick for nine months, and I’ve been off for 10 weeks now, but yea, this problem is still here. Im also taking iodoral (50mg iodine/natural). You know anything aobut soy induced hypo?Noother problems ‘cept the speaking one, which kills my personality.

  25. love83forever says:

    I have hashimoto’s but I do not have an imbalance in blood. I actually had chronic fatigue for 9 years before I got the Goiter. I am glad that you spoke about the adrenal fatigue. I will ask my doctor to test.

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