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  1. FlamingHomelessDude says:

    okay thats my fav so far

  2. Rabbitfootie says:

    Your hot and funny and have a beautiful wife, your a very lucky man. Just loose enough weight to be healthy, and enough weight so you can get around when you are 60ish. Seriously all the youtubers love ya no matter what. 🙂

  3. DakireProductions says:

    thats right in front of your house.

  4. Your wife is super hot, you should really work man, I bet you look awesome in your weight, I mean, how else did you trapped that lady?
    I like your plan though, I will certainly apply it to myself, although my wife might drop me 20 miles away, she is 110 lbs 5.8 size 2…. and I am a 200 lb piece of cow fat!

  5. SilverGunZoO says:

    Oh, Shay your a handsome fat devil 🙂

  6. mikeloire04 says:

    lol thats so mean! “get walkin fatty!” mean but indeed genious. im so doing this.. mmm yes..

  7. TheMRoaklandraiders says:

    whos holding the camera

  8. juice42066 says:

    ima call that girl summer eyes summer here summer there

  9. TomasPaalman says:

    yeah..that is his actual wife, and they also have 3 least,i think its just 3 of ’em

  10. nocontroll says:

    Oh Shay, you are a handsome devil.

  11. ur wife wanted to drop u off further lol

  12. xXMNM808Xx says:


  13. shayrue11 says:

    dude yur wife is hot nothin else said

  14. rockercutie94 says:

    if thats ur real wife and ur not joking U AND HER MAKE THE CUTEST COUPLE!

  15. xHalloweenDusty says:

    shay! you are a hansome devil.

  16. bigjoejoe18 says:

    dude i;m big too….but the thing is u have a hot WIFE AND I HAVE A HOT GIRLFRIEND …..and i;m guessing she maried u cause of ur great humor and personalily… so keep up with the vids and please keep ur humor.

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  18. NYYanksBoy2014 says:


  19. xBlackNormandyx says:

    shay r indeed a handsome devil

  20. boricuanene22 says:

    yeah shes hot!!!

  21. LaughinForeva says:

    I like my men chubby. =)

  22. leeerocks says:

    not true 😀 u should ask mii girl

  23. keep walking fatty!! haha

  24. xXGunshipXx says:

    haha thats hillarious ^^ It would suck to have to walk home in that toh XD

  25. mesmerizeme says:

    fat boys = small cocks

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