Weight Loss fallacies: Uncovered


Are you the type of diet conscious person who browses through the entire supermarket in search of all these “No Fat” or “No Calorie” items? I’m very sorry to blow your little bubble, because almost all of these products are just a bunch of lame acts to cheat us normal folks who are ever so willing to get rid of that extra load we carry with us.

So that the next time you purchase anything diet or weight loss related, I sure hope you would be more knowledgeable and able to see-through the lies and deception.

The Fallacies

I’m sure anybody would know about certain products found in local supermarkets with huge bold texts saying “Now 90% Fat Free”. If you take a closer look at the ingredients, to your astonishment you’ll find that it conations a percentage of PURE FAT. Now, you might wonder why these companies boldly place huge captions like these on their product. You could take the following scenario as an example; I could add water to milk and say that it has a less percentage of fat than the rest of the competition. The more water you add, the lesser the amount of fat in a bottle. So do you get what I’m saying?

Another neat invention is the “No Fat” or “No Calorie” cooking sprays which states that it contains no calorie from fats or anything. Have you ever had the time to check its ingredients? I could guarantee that the main ingredients in these sprays are oils, and in case you didn’t know oils are fats.

Did you know that anything with a serving size of 5 calories or less are allowed to be called “Calorie Free”? So, next time you have any “sugar free” candies please note you aren’t having a calorie-less diet.

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