Weight Loss Exercise Program Week 3

Learn how to lose weight with our weight loss exercise routine program. diet.com **Sponsor: Lose Weight Safely and Naturally – www.diet.com Follow this workout with week 4 for a progressive workout plan to lose weight fast in less than 6 weeks. Find more fitness videos at diet.com or own this video for just {video_description}.75! Weight Loss expert Stephen Cabral www.stephencabral.com shows you this exercise plan that promotes weight loss. This workout highlights week 3. Join our weight loss challenge and …

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  1. rugby5444 says:


  2. emmaleahsalas says:


  3. kharisma19 says:

    Excellent programs, combined with a good diet vegetables, fruits and proteins low fats, the results are amazing.

  4. JLeeMagnetic says:

    People have told me they have lost weight without dieting but used alex chiu’s magnetic discovery and ate like a horse

  5. xxmonickkkkaxx says:

    Ohh please we aren’t all fat.

  6. getfitonline says:

    These exercises are a great way to lose weight and tone muscles withuot having to buy a lot equipment or investing a lot time.

  7. americans realy need this yes:D

  8. BestSportsMusic says:

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  9. UnratedFB says:

    thanks alot man ima start doing this w/out weights
    im only 14 and i want to get in better shape. thanks this can help me

  10. i love your tits

  11. jedwhelchel says:

    if you really want to lose weight fast go to: combatingfat.blogspot,com

  12. Brawler4991 says:

    it is good to push urself, but u also shudnt strain cuz u can hurt ur self

  13. what burns fat? muscle. these exercises are going to help you build muscle to burn fat.
    Running, walking cycling burns calories and also helps your cardio..you heart and lungs.
    you want to see faster result?
    More weights 3x week with 10-15min warm up
    2x week cardio 30-40mins cardio
    Ive done just about the same workouts as these and have seen results in two weeks but remember.always challenge urself and put up ur weights if its too easy. you have to push urself.

  14. Gjartsito says:

    I must say I’m shocket. This is exercice for losing weight? xD okok..so running, walking, cycling and skiing does what?? To lose weight you need to burn calories, more than you eat. This is exercises for people thats already skinny and wants too tighten up their body.

  15. pinklashez says:

    why is this no loner avaiable to see

  16. heyyhoneyy says:

    sarah is getting hotter

  17. dudleyville3d says:

    oh testify

  18. Loolified says:

    I try to use them but same i just never have the time

  19. charmlady1987 says:

    his hot… good work out

  20. jahlove111 says:

    nice workouts

  21. afanofmeanythings says:

    Yea lol!

    r u using any of thee plans to lose wieght? I’m trying to but dont normally get through them or dont have the time lol!

  22. afanofmeanythings says:

    Swimming i think….. but wtf was that comment for?

  23. natedogstyles says:

    nice variation on a great movement!


    You’re at the Santa Monica beach and 2 zombies engage you, one by water the other on foot- which do you burn more calories evading? (swimming or running)

  25. Looks like a nice little workout for home.

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